A Gutenberg Gathering


A Gutenberg Orientation with Elliott Richmond

In the first session Elliott will walk through the Gutenberg experience, you will see how things will change when your site is Gutenberg enabled and demonstrate what to expect however, Gutenberg is still under development so bear in mind that things might be different in the final version. This will be an open style round table for discussion so if you have any burning questions get them prepared for the meet up and we will open them up to the members in the hope of answering some of your questions.

Gutenberg: A JavaScript developer’s perspective with Andy Bell

Andy is a Front-end developer trying to make everyone’s experience on the web better with his pals at NoDivide.
The new WordPress editor is getting a mixed response, so Andy is going to discuss it from a JavaScript developer’s perspective. If you’re in the WordPress community, you’ve probably been thinking and talking about Gutenberg for quite a while now. There seems to be a real mix of feelings within the community which range from excitement to worry. Unfortunately, the latter seems to be more prominent at the moment. Andy is going to provide an alternative viewpoint on Gutenberg and also offer help to overcome those worries.