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Cheltenham WordPress Meet Up, Hosting and Super Tools

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Elliott R.
Cheltenham WordPress Meet Up, Hosting and Super Tools


The next meet up will have something for everyone, if you've ever wanted to know more about deployment and domains or what tools and apps to use to get stuff done then look no further!

First up we will have Teresa Vance on Domains, Hosting and all that Jazz...
Teresa was prompted to give this talk after going through some tricky situations with various website deployments in recent months involving the mistake of going live on a Friday, losing clients’ emails and negotiating domain transfers from agencies less than willing to let their business go!

Then Ben Kinnaird will show us some super tools - The tools we use to get s@!t done. From project management to web development Ben will share the tools, apps and plugins he and his team use to get work done.

As you can see there should be something for everyone and not to be missed - see you all on the night!