WordPress Happiness Meet Up Cheltenham


Greetings Pressers! For the month of November, we will be meeting at the Sup and Chow, a temporary change to our normal venue.

This meet up will be a format that we would like to call the Happiness Meet Up. Let's say you have a burning issue on your website or a bug you just can't fix! We all know how frustrating things can get when you're just not sure how to do something, not to mention the amount of time wasted trying to figure it out! The idea is that you bring along your laptops and projects and we’ll see if we can’t pair you up with someone who has the expertise to help you, be it help with code or to recommend a useful plugin, think of this as a one to one workshop that will not only help you but also provide you with a little happiness too, even if you have everything sewn up please do come along and offer your knowledge to help someone else.

The usual refreshments and sandwiches will be available so even if you just pop along to say hi we'll be more than happy to see you :)