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To learn Power Taiji by Chen Bing Taiji Academy is to learn the authentic body mind healing of Taiji in its original form. Authentic Taiji from Chen village, the birth place of all Taiji is based on the The laws of nature(yin/yang balance), Chinese medicine or meridian system (acupuncture) and is used as a martial art Therefore It is a deep internal( fang song, silk reeling, elixir field) and external(forms) work out. Along with moves that are soft and slow and its opposite, fast and explosive. All are needed for ultimate healing and balance. Most people think of Taiji as soft slow moves in the park but authentic Taiji is also fast and explosive for the health benefits of clearing out blockages, elevating chi energy, and massaging internal organs. If not tapping into the internal healing heat of the dantien with precise alignment and mind body connection than its more of a "Taiji dance" than a deeply healing ,energizing therapeutic practice as Taiji was meant to be.

So if you're looking for a deep practice that's not only going to strengthen your body but powerfully align your mind and spirit as well. Then Chen Bing "Power Taiji" is for you!


Taiji or Tai chi meaning grand ultimate-is a Chinese soft style internal martial art used for centuries in health, healing and longevity. Based on ancient principles of yin yang theory, philosophical laws of nature, techniques of Chinese acupuncture and martial arts.

Authentic Chen Taiji is a holistic training method used to cultivate a strong body, mind and spirit through techniques of mental concentration with coordinated breath and body movements. Proper practice results in a supple body with improved postural alignment, balance and bone density. Harmonizes external and internal energy flow which strengthen muscles, tendons and ligaments; while the internal spiraling energy massages internal organs and circulates qi energy flow throughout the body. Additional benefits include a deeper sense of natural breathing along with a concentrated and tranquil mind. Strong emphasis is placed on intention and mental focus and is a suitable practice for all ages of students with various ailments and conditions.

Chen taiji founded by Chen Wangting, is the oldest and parent form of all the styles of Taiji including Yang, Wu and Sun. We are fortunate to have the opportunity to learn from Laoshi (teacher) or Master Bosco Baek, the only disciple in America of Master Chen Bing, the direct descendant of its creator Chen Wangting. Master Bosco Baek teaches the authentic Chen Jia Gou (Chen Village) system and is a most knowledgeable and skillful teacher with precise attention to the details of alignment and structure that will challenge the most athletic and benefit the absolute beginner.

Beginner Chen Taiji class description

• Chen Jia Gou Style (Chen village) One works individually with Master Bosco to develop own self practice with hands on adjustment and alignment

• Fangsong:Taiji relaxation Precursor to all classes - a highly therapeutic class that helps to improve one’s ailments, imbalances, corrects alignment, releases deep seated tension and fatigue.

• Elixir field: Dantian rotation - The Elixir field or dantian is focal point where qi energy is stored and cultivated. Internal exercises of the dantian is very important for understanding the foundation of Chen Taiji.

Silk Reeling:Spiral motion is the foundation of Chen Taiji movement. It is required to perform taiji forms and exercises.

• Fajin- Explosive energy From the concept yin and yang there are soft flowing movements and hard fast explosive movement. both necessary for maximum qi energy flow and internal healing. (fangsong, elixir field, silk reeling prerequisite for this class)

• 13 Harmony Form: Short form A short form summarized by Master Chen Bing in preparation of Laojia (old frame practices) (fangsong, elixir field, silk reeling prerequisite for this class)

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Classes Chen Village style classes- (new - advanced practitioners)

6:30-10:30am Monday mornings

4:30-9:00pm Monday-Thursday

Advanced practitioner classes (prerequisite or invitation only)

6:30-10:30 am. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday mornings

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