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Cordova Community Center

2197 Chase Dr · Rancho Cordova, CA

How to find us

We are in the Big room with the mirrored windows.

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Our class is part of the Rancho Cordova Recreation and Park District. Prices are; Drop in-$6. Passport: buy 6 for-$30 . Pay at the class, or go to the RCRPD web site: They have us listed as Saturday Drop in Tai Chi. If paying in class please bring the exact change to class.

Practice and learn the Cheng Man Ch'ing 37 movement Tai Chi form at Hagan Community Park.

Beginning Form and Continuing form correction 9:00 AM to 9:45 AM

Sensing Hands (Push Hands-fixed step and moving), Two man sets, Da Lu, Practice 9:45 AM to 10:30 AM.

This form is also instrumentally suited to developing rootedness, learning one's and others centers and the manifestation of interior strength (power) and winding energy and the development of Mu Shin (wu-xin) Mind No-Mind.

"Many who have done sitting meditation (zazen) in an effort to achieve tranquillity have been strongly impressed by the usefulness of tai chi for this purpose. For some, the flowing, softly unfolding form of tai chi is more suitable for meditation than sitting motionless in one place. Still others consider a moving meditation highly satisfying philosophically because they believe everything in the universe is constantly in motion and they can harmonize best with the universe through a meditation that also moves." - Professor Cheng's student Herman Kauz. From The Tai Chi Handbook : )

Spiritually, "Practicing Tai Chi one is able to use prenatal ch'i to fix the spirit (shen) inside this central point so as to produce the golden pill. It is better than sitting meditation." Chen Wei-Ming.

All aspects, especially push-hands, are taught in a non-competitive, non -combative atmosphere free of the force, push, yank and tug practices of other Tai Chi meetups. As the Tai Chi classics state, "You have to lose a thousand bouts before you can win a thousand bouts." Once the interior is formed the skill level naturally arises.

The spiritual and interior Taoist alchemical aspects will also be discussed and explored as well.

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