What we're about

Book N Play is a group for anyone interested in playing friendly badminton matches and tournaments in and around Chennai. We will discuss about various badminton clubs and their locations for a meetup. Book N Play is the brain child of a software employee who could get everything online with just tap of a finger, except a place to play a favorite sport. Travelling a mile just to look for a spot to play a sport was just too tiring. With every week spent ruing on searching a place to play, the interest to play outdoors was growing thin. The idle days of pondering indoors, was how Book n Play was born. When from a computer, to even a sock could be got with just a tap of a finger, why not the place to play a sport. Book N Play brings to table the sophistication of booking a court (ground), right from the comfort of home. Book your favorite court, at your favorite place, at your own time with just a tap of a finger. Book N Play bridges the gap between the playground owners and the players with the customer exploring every possible place to play his favorite sport and the owner hardly breaking a sweat to allure his customers. With Book N Play in your kitty, you can end your long lazy pondering hours wasted in searching for a place to play your sport. With the ABCs of sports in Book N Play you are just a click away from having a fun week with your mates. Stop worrying about a place to play and start worrying about how well you can play.

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