• An Introduction to Machine Learning using Functional Programming Principles

    Machine learning is gaining momentum with the increase of necessity to understand data much more efficiently, to predict better for competitive profit and research. In this talk, we'll run over various machine learning algorithms available in the Accord.NET - a framework for machine learning and scientific computing in .NET. We'll also have a look at sample tasks to see how we can apply machine learning algorithms using Accord.NET framework with F# functional approach. Speaker Profile Jeremiah Jeschke is the Founder & CEO of officeAutomata, which works with BPO's to reduce errors & lower costs through AI-based automation. He has designed the software from the ground-up and utilizes AI techniques in 7 different areas of the program. Prior to founding officeAutomata, Jeremiah worked for the US Air Force in R&D for Satellite systems, Special Ops and the B2 Bomber. He has since become a nomad & been travelling for 4 1/2 years. Agenda 6:00pm - Networking 6:30pm - Presentation 7:00pm - Hands-on workshop 8:30pm - Wrapped Up What to bring Participants are expected to bring their own laptops with F# installed. Refer the below links for installation instructions http://fsharp.org/use/windows/ http://fsharp.org/use/linux/ http://fsharp.org/use/mac/ If you have any problems with installation, drop a message

  • Getting Started in Functional Programming using F#

    Microsoft Corporation India Pvt. Ltd.

    What you will be Learning: Solving complex problems with less code is the beauty of functional programming. But for programmers who are coming from imperative or object-oriented programming background, it is very hard to think from a different perspective and follow the design principles of functional programming. Functional Programming is not as hard as you think. This talk will help you to demystify the perceived complexities of functional programming and empower you to get started in functional programming using F#. Target Audience: Developers who want to learn functional programming Note: We are combining this meetup with Microsoft Azure User Group (http://www.meetup.com/Chennai-Microsoft-Azure-User-Group). So, if you are attending please RSVP at the Microsoft Azure User Group events (http://www.meetup.com/Chennai-Microsoft-Azure-User-Group/events/235035148/) page.

  • Hacking on F#

    Ajira Technologies Pvt Ltd

    What you will be hacking: F# is a mature, open source, cross-platform, functional-first programming language. In this interactive, hands-on session, you will be creating a console version of a web development library in F# What you will be Learning: How to think in functional programming Functional-First Programming with F# Implementing bigger things by combining smaller functions As a side effect, you may not like to work on object-oriented programming languages anymore What do you need: No prior knowledge of F# is required Please bring your laptops and use the instructions here to install F# and setup the develop environment Target Audience: Developers who want to learn functional programming Note: We are combining this meetup with Hack&Learn (http://www.meetup.com/Hack-Learn/events/232941739/). So, if you are attending please RSVP at the Hack&Learn meetup (http://www.meetup.com/Hack-Learn/events/232941739/)page.