What we're about

Hi All,
Every entertainment is brought under one roof named as "Chennai Versatile Extroverts", initial focus is on Chennai & then will expand our horizon's to wider geographi.
- Dinner Meetings,
- Social Welfare Activities,
- Planning & Execution of Movies, Travel,
- Creative Ideas, Talent Showcasing,
- Event Organisers,
- Food, Movie, Travel, any sort of entertainment bloggers are all encouraged.
- Showmanship skills & so on..

You guys name it (in the entertainment perspective), will be included in our list. Will start up a meet-up site sooner.
Women are encouraged to organise meet-up events. *_Women in Leadership_* is also a secondary vision of our group.

Let's minimise our conversations (fwds, Chit-, chats, abusive languages) and get into some real time actions.
Always thanking you guys for understanding and consistent co-operation.
Comeon guys, let's be extrovertive!!

Past events (5)

Cook & Serve Smiles - This Diwali

naduvarkarai Village

Dinner Meet at Fika Restaurant, Adyar, Chennai

Gandhi Nagar Club

Pub Meetup + Crown Plaza Midnight Buffet

Off The Record

Food Festival Meetup @ Island Grounds


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