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• Lightning Talks (40 min)

• Networking over Tea sponsored by Kagrana Software ( (20 min)

• Lightning Talks (40 min)

• Discussions (20 min)

Talk Details

Python and its Functions

Speaker: Shrayas Rajagopal (

Functions in Python are First class. They can be passed to and from functions. They can be created inside other functions and a lot more. This talk proposes to introduce this concept.

IPython Notebook:

How Python Changed My View of Programming

Speaker: Rengaraj (

My journey into programming started with Python. The talk is about how Python made me to dive into programing which I never liked at college. Example programs which I have backup of, and my first Python project.

Contributing to Shaape

Speaker: Babu Subash Chandar (

Shaape is a Python based tool to generated images from ASCII text. This talk will cover how we contributed to Shaape by setting up continuous integration using TravisCI. We would also like to invite other people to contribute to Shaape.

Breaking Free with Rope

Speaker: Vijay Kumar (

Embedded systems have crazy restrictions. And one embedded Python interpreter I happened to work on, had a restriction that you couldn't have more that 500 distinct variable names in your application! We quickly hit this limit. This talk will cover how we overcame this restriction using Rope, a refactoring library for Python and some Python scripting hackery.


Introduction to Sage

Speaker: Amritanshu Prasad (

Sage is a free open-source mathematics software system licensed under the GPL. It builds on top of many existing open-source packages: NumPy (, SciPy (, matplotlib (, Sympy (, Maxima (, GAP (, FLINT (, R ( and many more ( This talk will be an introduction to Sage.


Sentiment Analysis using Python

Speaker: Venkatesh (

On a Sunday afternoon, you are bored. You want to watch a particular movie, but you know there are mixed reviews for the movie. You want to know the overall feeling on the movie, based on their reviews and not just based on their ratings. We will show you how to use a machine learning model to classify the sentiment of a review automatically, all with Python!!



Solving graph problems using NetworkX

Speaker: Krishna Sangeeth (

NetworkX is a python package which can be used for handling graphs. Through the talk I want to touch on how we see problems which can be solved by graph all around and how we can leverage the NetworkX module to solve challenging problems.


Building a Website Using Static Site Generators

Speaker: Gaurav Sherawat (

Static site generator is a software/framework which outputs html files by combining text and templates, thus generating a website/blog. This talk will focus on how to use few of them & host the site on github.


Speaker: Shrayas Rajagopal (

Decorators are an interesting way of doing some magic with functions in Python. Talk 1 (Python and its Functions) will set the base for this. If time permits and people are interested, we can see an application of Talk 1 VIZ Decorators. Decorators are a concept that is gaining widespread use in Python because it is just that easy to read. This talk proposes to give an introduction to them.

If you are interested in giving a lightning talk (10 min duration), please send a mail to [masked] with your talk title and a short description.