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February Meetup

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• Lightning Talks (40 min)

• Discussions and Networking over Tea, sponsored by Logic Soft ( (30 min)

• Lightning Talks (40 min)

• Discussions (20 min)

Lightning Talks

A Lisp powered Python

Speaker: Shrayas (

Lisps? In a Python world? What? When? Where? How? Come find out


BigData and MapReduce

Speaker: Krishna Sangeeth (

The talk will be an intro to Big Data, Hadoop and using Python to run mapreduce jobs with the option of Hadoop streaming.


Using Python to Play Cupid

Speaker: Anil Kumar (

You're a matchmaker who has drawn 5 men and 4 women at a singles mixer. At the end of the event, each attendee has handed you a ranked list of singles (of the opposite sex) they'd be interested in having coffee with. Your job is to suggest optimal pairings. We'll walk you through the algorithm that we implemented to solve this "stable matching problem" at Jodi365, using Python.

Remote Control your PC using Python and Kivy

Speaker: Vengatesh

The talk is about controlling a PC application using pybluez and a mobile app. The mobile app is written in Kivy, a cross-platform Python framework for NUI development.


A primer on Git and version control

Speaker: Shrikant Giridhar (

A brief how-to on getting started with source control management using Git.

Bitten By Python

Speaker: Vijay Kumar (

Python puts lots of power in the hands of the developer. It takes lot of discipline to wield it, without hurting oneself. Through this talk I would like to convey my experiences, the techniques I have learnt and hope to inspire others to adopt them.


Tips and Tricks in IPython

Speaker: Gaurav Sehrawat (

This talk is about enhancing your productivity using IPython. Learning some productivity tips on IPython notebook and its plugins.

Learn Working of Accelerometer using Micro Python

Speaker: Rengaraj (

Understanding accelerometer functionality using MicroPython.
MicroPython ( is a lean and fast implementation of the Python 3 (
programming language that is optimized to run on a micro-controller.