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Predictive Models at Scale using Dumbo

Speaker: Nikhil Ketkar (

The data science stack for Python is mature and robust. Libraries like Numpy, SciPy and scikit-learn allow data scientists to build predictive models easily. However, when it comes to making predictions on large volumes remains an operational challenging. Data scientists typically end up using Python just for prototyping models and then implement models in Java so they can leverage Hadoop. With libraries like Dumbo make it possible to build and run machine learning models in Python that can make predictions over very large datasets. The talk will describe the problem and the proposed solution with example code.


Memory Management in Python

Speaker: Vijay Kumar (

The talk will cover the following topics: How Reference Counting Works, Issues with Reference Counting , Cycle Detection and GC, Useful Third Party Modules. Not many people really require to know how Python manages memory. But it is kind of nice to know how things work under the hood.


Building a face detection tool using OpenCV on Raspberry Pi

Speaker: Gaurav Sehrawat (

This talk will include learning about picamera module and opencv.I will be using Haar's Cascade classifier as training model for facedetection.And a real case scenario of using it.

All things *Py*

Speaker: Krishna Sangeeth (

Random assorted stuff on Python taken from the world wide web thingy. This is a pretty basic beginner friendly talk which i hope would resonate with beginners.


You Can be a Speaker Too

The talks will be short 20 min talks. If you are interested, in doing a talk at the meetup, please reply in the comments below, with a title and short description.