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• Writing Parsers in Python By Hand (20 min)

• Object Oriented Programming Paradigms in Python (20 min)

• Networking Tea sponsored by Clay Labs (30 min)

• Building websites using Plone (20 min)

• Managing Jenkins with Python (20 min)

• Discussions


Writing Parsers in Python By Hand

Speaker: KS Sreeram (

The talk is about writing parsers in Python by hand, basically, without using any library or parser generator tools.

Object Oriented Programming Paradigms in Python

Speaker: Chandrashekar Babu (

Learn OOP the pythonic way. Most of us have learnt OOP fundamentals using C++/Java/C# and similar languages. Applying these concepts in python could be a bit tricky as Python might feel lacking features that we've been comfortably using in Java/C++ like "public", "private", "protected", "abstract", "virtual" and so many other keywords.

This talk would emphasize on unlearning Java/C++ style OOP and learn a more mature OOP design that python emphasizes. Concepts like DuckTyping, Introspective OO design and run-time polymorphism will be covered.


Building websites using Plone

Speaker: Suresh V (

Users of successful websites constantly demand new features and present unique requirements. When built using a powerful and flexible Content Management System (CMS), it becomes a cinch to provide new functionality. This talk provides a gentle introduction to Plone, its long track record of success and why you owe it to yourself to look at it in closer detail. Some most used and attractive features of Plone will be highlighted.

Managing Jenkins with Python

Speaker: Vijay Kumar B (

The benefits of Continuous Integration systems is well understood today. Jenkins, a Continuous Integration system has been adopted by many organizations today. But as the no. of Jenkins jobs increases, managing them becomes tedious. Autojenkins, a Python package for interacting the with Jenkins, can be used for managing Jenkins jobs. In this talk, I will show how we use Autojenkins at Zilogic to easily manage over 150 jobs.


You Can Be a Speaker Too

The talk duration is 20 min. If you are interested in a doing a talk, please comment on this meetup page with a talk title and talk description.