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• Talk: Environment for a Python Dev (20 min)

• Talk: Algorithmic analysis and Time complexity in Python (20 min)

• Networking Tea Break (30 min)

• Talk: Debugging the Easy Way with Python Debugger (20 min)

• Talk: Offset Pagination in Databases (20 min)

• Lightning Talks (20 min)

• Discussions (30 min)

Environment for a Python Dev

Speaker: Dinesh Kumar (

Working with different project with different python versions, debugging module issues, Introduction to development environment/provisioning. Have a look at: pyenv-virtualenv, pip, modules, site, ansible.

Algorithmic analysis and Time complexity in Python

Speaker: Ashok Govindarajan (

This talk will be on the following lines:

• Measuring the execution time of algorithms in Python - simple addition program

• Big O Notation

• Time complexity of Python Operations.


Debugging the easy way with python debugger

Speaker: Gaurav Sehrawat (

An easy replacement of "print" statement is python debugger. It is command line utility. Getting more insight in complex code is piece of cake with PDB, since you interact directly with code in running state. It is an essential zen tool for every python developer.

Offset Pagination in Databases

Speaker: Abhishek Yadav (

Offset pagination is a popular technique to get split sets of data from a database. While made convenient with the OFFSET clause in Sql, it comes with its own problems. We take a look at the problems created by Offset pagination, and the possible solutions.