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• Talk 1: Trash of the Titans (20 min)

• Talk 2: Machine Learning with Python (20 min)

• Networking Tea Break (30 min)

• Talk 3: Web Scrapping with Scrapple (20 min)

• Talk 4: Ansible mode in Emacs (20 min)

• Lightning Talk (20 min)

• Discussions (20 min)

Locating the Venue

Trash of the Titans

Speaker: Bhaskar (

The talk will cover the following topics:

• GC concepts

• Algorithms

• GC in Ruby

• GC in Python

• GC in Java

• GC in Erlang.

My hope is that the polyglot audience will engage in a lively discussion, each arguing the merits of their pet languages.

Machine Learning with Python

Speaker: Manish (

The plan is to provide an introduction to the basic concepts of machine learning, tools in python for machine learning and explanation of algorithms for Linear Regression and Classification along with a live demo.

Web Scraping with Scrapple

Speaker: Alex Mathew (

An introductory talk on web scraping, and how basic patterns in web scrapers have been generalized in Scrapple ( ). It will be a live demo of some basic web scrapers/crawlers for some sites like xkcd and ESPN, and how these have been abstracted to create configurable web content extractors using Scrapple.

Ansible mode in Emacs

Speaker: Shakti Kannan (

This talk will introduce Ansible minor mode, ansible-doc and company-ansible back-end in GNU Emacs. I shall also address Literate DevOps in this context.

Talk at Chennaipy

If you would like to do a talk at the meetup please add a comment to this event page with the talk title and talk description.