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Open House: Bring a Friend To Our Business Round Table

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Be proactive in your networking in a whole new way!

Bring a business woman who you feel would be a good fit for the Cherry Creek Divas both in character/personality, as well in terms of her business/industry.

Bring a Friend
For example, would you like to have an experienced gardener or the owner of a nursery (plant store), or how about a fabulous hair dresser, or a dog trainer, private fitness club owner, or interior decorator? Think outside the box: how about a spit-fire waitress, or students of any kind of school (beauty school, massage school, college, etc.). How about retired women?

Diversity is the key to thriving and succeeding. Unity while diverse = power!

Let's build the group together, instead of hoping that awesome, powerful women will wander into our midst! Who would be a good fit for our group?

Look for the potential & Believe in others
Don't just keep your eyes peeled for women who are already powerful and who have their "Inner Warrior" already awakened.
Invite women who you believe have great potential to be a Diva in her own right. Sometimes we have to believe in others before they can believe in themselves to help them achieve their full potential.

The Cherry Creek Divas is an entity that is made up of powerful women, but is a powerful entity in its own right. Together, we can achieve so much!

Invite one, two, three, or more women to this OPEN HOUSE, and let's steer this group to great success and have fun with it!


Please bring 10-15 dollars for your lunch.