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Let's go water skiing! Right in town, cherry creek reservoir.
Water Skiing right in town! Cherry creek reservoir is a state park, which makes it a fee area to drive in, or you can walk in/ bicycle for free. Grab your ski and come on down to the East swim beach and we'll toss you a rope! This is a water ski group, expect to get wet! Dress appropriately. Prefer to wakeboard? bring one! we don't mind! Some folks come out for a quick blast around the lake and then go, others prefer to hang out and enjoy the day, everybody's welcome. Beginner? give me advance warning and I'll bring some extra training equipment. Hard-core- slammin' it down, tearin' up the wakes, grip it and rip it type's???? Come show us your stuff!!!!!!! and bring somethin' for your driver! Back-up drivers, please tell me early.... As the season warms up, mornings are wonderful, I have skied with nobody else on perfect water (on a public lake!) early, and, right after rain storms before dusk (Magic!). Lastly, This is a tournament style competition ski boat, it has a limited capacity, which makes this is a really small group... If you sign up, show up! Don't know yet? Please wait to sign up when you do know!!! No shows, and folks who Change RSVP to "no"at last minute will be removed. Sorry, gotta act like an adult! Last minute RSVP changes can not practically notify a realistic chance to waitlist skiers, gotta be kind to your fellow skiers. I insist. Legal note: Water skiing is inherently dangerous, and you can get hurt! By signing up you agree in advance to hold the host harmless in the event you hurt yourself. Also, please limit yourself to once a month maximum! RSVP starts at 12:01pm, 4 days before ski day. (Mondays at lunch-hour) Call when you arrive at the East swim beach. Keith[masked]

Cherry Creek State Park Swim Beach

4201 S Parker Rd · Aurora, CO

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Summertime is the time to grab our ski's and hit the lake!

With the weather warming up... its time to play.
Experienced skiers? never skied before? Some experience? everybody's welcome!
If your a good skier, come out and show off your skills... if you have a wakeboarders boat... bring it!
This is ideal on any weekday, while the masses are at work... or evening skiing, just before sunset !

OR, call to schedule your own time! Keith 303-550-5781 Lets make this happen.
We only need 3 people to ski.
Boat experience extremely helpful. (and appreciated)

There is a variety of extra vest's and ski's on the boat. Plus a hot water shower.

If your a guy, bring some ladies. (For cryin' out loud!!)

... come prepared! bring some snacks...

Lastly, if you have never ever skiied, and have the body and poise of a couch potato, let me know, I'll bring a secret weapon (training assistant).


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