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This is for everyone, no requirements. We are members from all walks of life, all ages, men, women, cultures and backgrounds. It's great for people who are new in town or simply want to make new friends. It is ideal for those who want to network and promote their business.

***Warning, if you don’t like to laugh, you might want to stay at home*****

We are about finding the very best restaurants and venues not only in Chesapeake, but all of Hampton Roads. We know that best, does not always mean most expensive. We not only exchange our knowledge about some of the best places to go and things to do, but our meet ups are about making great connections while we’re doing it. The group runs off of the energy of its members, so if you don’t see the type of meetups you like, let us know. Remember, you have a choice to make every day a good day, or at least try. See you soon!

By participating in any of our events, you hereby absolve, release and waive any and all liability claims or demands against Chesapeake Good Food Great People and each and every member thereof, which may arise out of, or be related to any injury, financial loss, damage or pecuniary loss to you or to any member of your family by reason of such participation in group sponsored activities. See attendance Policy Below!

Attendance and No-Show Policy

Please be considerate by attending events for which you have RSVP'd "Yes" and please update your RSVP as soon as you know you will not attend.

So why do No-Shows matter?
* When you fail to show up for an event, you inconvenience the other attendees because they’ll often wait and/or hold a seat for you.

* If an event has a waiting list, you have kept someone who could have gone from attending by taking an available spot.

* Organizers often make arrangements with a venue based on the number of "Yes" RSVPs, and many restaurants/venues require you to wait for the whole group to arrive before proceeding to be seated etc.

* This also makes businesses reluctant to take our reservations in the future, if we consistently overestimate our numbers. (I generally give very low numbers and surprisingly no one has been turned away on seating, but it would be nice to be in the ball park.)

What happens if I’m a No-Show?
Habitual no-shows may be restricted from attending future events, and may even be removed from the group.

What if something unexpected happens?
If you have an emergency or something comes up, don’t worry. One or two infrequent no-shows won’t affect your standing with the group.

What about late cancellations?
A late cancellation may be treated the same as a no-show, especially if there is a waiting list. Please RSVP and post in the event comments, once you know you will not be coming.

Individual members RSVPs and No-Show info has always been available to organizers on the meetup site. Many organizers use this in determining their no show policies.

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Online Goal Setting And Time Management ⌛️⏰

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Free-For More Info:


This virtual workshop will give you the skills and knowledge to identify how you currently use your time, identity your personal time management strengths and weaknesses, learn the dimensions of self-management of time and identify new habits you can implement to improve your personal time management.

Netflix Watch Party “Don’t Look Up”🍿🍿🍫

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(This Freaking Movie Ain’t Never Coming Out-Maggie)

*****Tentative Date and Time*****

This is an all star cast from Netflix!!! One of it’s major Blockbusters!!! They haven’t given the release date, but are putting a pretty big build up on it. RSVP and we’ll get together and lock in a date!!!

Trailer along with new hits from Netflix:


Chesapeake Good Food Great People Pin (Not an Event) 😎

Instantly Connect

It’s warming up and it’s time to be out and about this summer. Many of the meetups will be local festivals, beaches, parks, etc. I’ll always try to make it easy for folks to find us, but more importantly, for you all to find one another. (We had a couple of events that people who came did not connect to one another-movies etc).

This was a problem, so I created a pin to solve that. The Chesapeake Good Food Great People pin let’s you instantly connect. The pin allows you to easily find one another in the crowds. I think the pin will also be a great icebreaker. With the ease of belonging to a group, you can easily strike up conversations, match your interests and plan for future CGFGP events. Be the first meetup connected with a pin. So start the trend. Purchasing your pin also helps support the meetup with it’s monthly fees, etc. You can purchase your pin using PayPal or Cash App. (Receive your pin at any one of the the meetups, or contact me for mailing at an additional fee). In notes, tell me which pin(s) number(s) you wish to order. Supplies are limited, so don’t get caught out..without your pin. Thanks for supporting your meetup!! Maggie

Cost: $5.00 Each (Include Pin# in Notes)

Cash App $cgfgp

PayPal [masked]

2.25 in. (Standard large size)
High quality standard locking pin back

*****Pins now, make you instantly eligible for our group trivia to win prizes*****

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Vegan For Beginners Online Workshop🥙🥙🥦🍆

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