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Chesapeake Good Food, Great People
Chesapeake Good Food, Great People
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36 Rue du Gard · Lens

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It’s warming up and it’s time to be out and about this summer. Many of the meetups will be local festivals, beaches, parks, etc. I’ll always try to make it easy for folks to find us, but more importantly, for you all to find one another. (We had a couple of events that people who came did not connect to one another-movies etc).

This was a problem, so I created a pin to solve that. The Chesapeake Good Food Great People pin let’s you instantly connect. The pin allows you to easily find one another in the crowds. I think the pin will also be a great icebreaker. With the ease of belonging to a group, you can easily strike up conversations, match your interests and plan for future CGFGP events. Be the first meetup connected with a pin. So start the trend. Purchasing your pin also helps support the meetup with it’s monthly fees, etc. You can purchase your pin using PayPal or Cash App. (Receive your pin at any one of the the meetups, or contact me for mailing at an additional fee). In notes, tell me which pin(s) number(s) you wish to order. Supplies are limited, so don’t get caught out..without your pin. Thanks for supporting your meetup!! Maggie

Cost: $5.00 Each (Include Pin# in Notes)

Cash App $cgfgp

PayPal [masked]

2.25 in. (Standard large size)
High quality standard locking pin back

*****Pins now, make you instantly eligible for our group trivia to win prizes*****