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Iron Girl Triathlon Swim Support

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Iron Girl Triathlon Swim Support

Perhaps one of the most personally fulfilling and gratifying things we do through out the year is to provide swim support for the athletes at some of the local triathlons and swims. We could literally be doing one of these events almost every weekend during the summer. The promoters of these events really don't appreciate us and what we do even if their event couldn't take place without our help. The gratitude of the athletes themselves more than makes up for that fact.

The triathlons at Centennial are a great place to do it because you really don't need any great kayaking or rescue skills. Many of the participants have swam the distance in a pool but have never done it in open water. All they really need is someone to point out that they have gotten off course or a boat to hang on to for several seconds while they adjust their anxiety level.

The triathlons at Centennial Lake are also supported by the Howard County Fire Department who will be on the water in power boats. Should a swimmer need more serious forms of support all you need to do is flag down one of the Fire Department boats to get a greater level of support for them.

Participants in swim support usually get a goody bag with a T-shirt and some of the other goodies that the athletes themselves actually get. Sometimes the organizers provide the kayakers with donuts and coffee or breakfast sandwiches but I can't guarantee that any of that will happen. We usually find a local restaurant (perhaps the Double T) to have breakfast at after the event.

You do have to get up and be there at an ungodly early hour but it entitles you to drive your car on the pathways at Centennial that are usually reserved for pedestrians.

It's important that you stay tuned and CAREFULLY READ the emails I will be sending out the day before the event so you know where to go and what to do Sunday morning. With a couple thousand people attending you'll end up very frustrated and driving around in circles at 5:30 in the morning if you don't. While the location listed is the Centennial Boat Ramp, that is NOT where we will be meeting.

I will be posting a Laid Back Sunday Social Paddle later in the day for those who are interested in that. I will also provide two (and only two) rental kayaks with paddles and PFD's at no charge for those who would like to participate but don't own a boat. The first two people to post a request get them.

Be sure to show off our CKA pride and wear your CKA shirt if you have one for this event.