• Impostor Syndrome - Gavin Elliott

    Online event

    When impostor syndrome got to be too much for Gavin Elliott, he had to confront his own deep, sophisticated mental health challenges. In a personal talk, Gavin shares how he learned to handle anxiety and imposter syndrome in a society that’s uncomfortable discussing it. As he says: “Being honest about how we feel doesn’t make us weak — we can overcome our impostor.” This talk will discuss mental health support, recognising impostor syndrome, the effect it has on our personal and professional lives, how to deal with it and ultimately overcome your impostor. ---------------- To be part of this event you will need a computer able to use Blue Jeans Network (Webcam, speaker, microphone, internet access). It is possible with a mobile if you prefer. To join in a your browser (may not work on mobile): https://bluejeans.com/691443321/webrtc To use the Blue Jeans app: https://bluejeans.com/691443321/ It seems the app gives you better quality. Please add you name, if not prompted, then click "People" and edit the name that has "(me). During the event: * Please turn on your webcam as its easier to talk to people rather than pictures. This is not automatic, you need to press the camera icon at the top * Mute your microphone when you are not speaking. * Use headphones if possible to reduce noise when you are speaking * If you have a question please use the raise hand button, or add it to the chat.