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Welcome to the Cheyenne Social Network MeetUp Group!

We are a group of local adults who love casual socialization and group activities. We invite everyone to get involved on any level you choose - you can become an organizer to help support the group, you can become an event organizer to help diversify and increase the number of events on our calendar, you can donate to help fund our MeetUp group, or you can simply participate in activities as a general member. You are also encouraged to submit your ideas for activities that you would like to see on our calendar.

This group is for all people interested in general social activities and hanging out. While other groups in town are purpose-driven, this group is intended to be a very general venue for meeting people and having fun. Activities could range from skiing and hiking trips, hitting up the bars, playing billiards, or anything that members want to do. Everyone is welcome.

"We" include 4-6 co-organizers who share the cost of maintaining the group, so it can be offered free of charge to the general membership (donations are very much appreciated!) We have a number of event organizers already, but there's always room for more!

Upcoming events (4+)

Weekend Game Night featuring Silver River

My home office: Transformations Wellness

No children, please. Water and tea will be provided. Optional: BYOB and/or a snack to share with the group.

Other games will be available in case we have a large group or we finish earlier than expected. Feel free to bring your favorite.

Watch the how-to-play video here: youtube.com/watch?v=ruiS7zZbA6k

The Silver River is a 4X game that takes place in our own galaxy, the Milky Way, known in some Eastern cultures as The Silver River. The game includes Humans and different alien races, all of which some believe really exist in our galaxy. Races include: Greys, Arcturians, Reptilians, Yahyel, Nordics, Insectoids, and Martians. Each race has unique special abilities that lend themselves to different play styles. The Deluxe Edition of the game adds the White Lions and the Cyborgs.

The Silver River was built to provide a rich 4X experience (Explore, Expand, Exploit & Exterminate), with all its trappings in under 2 hours.

Players will take the role of one alien civilization, and work to earn victory points through exploration, colonization, technology, civilization building, politics, war, and peace.

Unique gameplay elements include:

Simultaneous Production and Resource Allocation: Gain raw production equal to your civilization's population each turn, and then allocate it to your areas of choice during simultaneous Governing phases. Use your allocated resources to take actions.

True Exploration: Explore planet-less sectors for rewards. Uncover mini-quests that can be completed for bonus rewards.

Choose War, or Choose Peace: Players may enter any occupied sector without forcing war, players always have the option to attack, or not to attack, and may even agree to co-habitate planets together.

Fast Tech Upgrades and Ship Movement: Move fleets of ships, whose size is not visible until they arrive, not individual ships. Upgraded technology applies instantly to all ships/planets/etc. This provides real progression in less time, and with less micromanagement.

Ally Against Common Enemies: The center of the map is Sagittarius A*, a place where massive space monsters can be hunted for great rewards, on your own, or with other players.

Choose Your Victory Conditions: Players will have the ability to choose their victory conditions before the game starts to ensure every player can play the strategies they love, and avoid those they dislike. (War, Explore, Cooperate, Negotiate, Technology, Civ Building, Politics, Production, etc)

Unique Domestic Investment mechanic that provides resources and VP to players who pass early in an age to focus on their domestic agenda. This adds a thematic layer to the game and speeds gameplay up dramatically.

—description from the publisher

Open Game Night

My home office: Transformations Wellness

Bring your favorite game! We'll decide as a group what to play. If we have a large attendance, we'll split into groups and get multiple games going at once.

My available contributions include: 5-Minute Marvel, 7 Wonders, Alchemists, Alhambra, Architects of the West Kingdom, Azul, Azul Stained Glass of Sinatra, Azul Summer Pavilion, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Brass: Birmingham, Carcassonne, Cards Against Humanity, Cartographers, Catan, Caverna, Century: Spice Road, Century: Eastern Wonders, Century: A New World, Chronicles of Crime, Clank!, Clever!, Concordia, Dinogenics, Dobbers, Dominion, Encore!, Euphoria, Everdell, Exploding/Imploding Kittens, Fluxx/Zombie Fluxx, Formula D, Gaia Project, Go Fish Yourself, Goblins Breakfast, Great Western Trail, Imperial Settlers (roll & write), Legendary Alien Encounters, Lords of Waterdeep, Mariposas, Near & Far, Paladins of the West Kingdom, Phase 10, Photosynthesis, Rabbit Island, Red Outpost, Refuge: Terror from the Deep, Rolling Ranch, Rune Stones, Sagrada, Scythe, Sequence, Space Base, Splendor, Star Trek Ascendency, Stone Age, Tapestry, Teotihuacan, Terraforming Mars, The Godfather, The Refuge: Terror from the Deep, Underwater Cities, Uno, Viticulture, What Do You Meme?, Wingspan, and Zombie Dice.

Optionally, you can bring a beverage for yourself and/or a snack to share with the group. (Water and tea are provided.)

No children, please.

Happy gaming!

Halloween Zombie-themed Game Night

My home office: Transformations Wellness

No children, please. Water and tea will be provided. Optional: BYOB and/or a snack to share with the group.

Bring your favorite zombie-themed game, if you have one. Some examples of zombie games that will be available include: Tiny Epic Zombies, Zombie Fluxx, Zombie Dice, and possibly Dead of Winter (if that games owner is able to make it). We'll keep playing until we're all zombied out, splitting into groups if we have a large turnout.

Our Last 2 Dominion games

My home office: Transformations Wellness

We'll be playing the last 2 games in the Menagerie & Dark Ages expansions for Dominion, which is a deck-building strategy game, and is one of my all-time favorite group games. We've been featuring different combinations of expansions each time, which has made it a very different game each time we've played. If there are new people joining us on any given night, we'll always start with the Dominion First Game, and then commence with one of the endless combinations of expansions.

Here is a brief video overview for those who have never played: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jNGpgdMums&t=5s

I have the expansion which allows up to 6 people to play, but we usually have more than one copy of the game, so we can easily break into separate groups if we have a larger attendance. Alternate games are also available, in case some people are feeling the need to mix things up.

In my experience, game length can be as short as 30 minutes if everyone knows how to play, to as long as 60 minutes or so if some people are learning.

Optionally, you can bring a beverage for yourself and/or a snack to share with the group. (Water and tea are provided.)

Happy gaming!

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My home office: Transformations Wellness

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