What we're about

Are you a developer, student, or entrepreneur who uses tools from Machine Learning in your tinkering, research, business applications, or small projects? Would you like to meet like minded people from the Chicago community? Then come check us out!

Chi-Town Machine Learning offers an eclectic mix of events - from hands-on tutorials on popular machine learning tools, to industry-focused presentations and round tables, to academic talks on cutting edge research topics.

If you interested in speaking at an event or have a topic request please contact the organizers!

If you would like to join our community slack channel

chi-town-ml-meetup.slack.com (https://chi-town-ml-meetup.slack.com/)

contact the organizer with your preferred login email for an invitation.

If you would like to see a running list of future meetup event ideas check out


Feel free to make suggestions / comments for future events!

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