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We are a meetup for people who want to play tabletop RPGs, other than D&D or Pathfinder. We like those systems, but feel there are already many groups for gamers who are interested in them. Instead, we'd like to provide opportunities to play the many other sytems out there—including FATE, GURPS, Savage Worlds, Shadowrun, Call of Cthulhu, World of Darkness, and many others. We would also like to make space for people who prefer role-playing and storytelling to power-gaming.

We run various public games in the Chicagoland area, and we hope we'll see you at one some time soon! We also hope you'll feel free to use the meetup to discuss and to look for players or games of you own.

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Brindlewood Bay mini-campaign Session 1!

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This will be the first full session of the mini-campaign. The Mavens are already embroiled in a mystery...but are sure to unravel it like a ball of yarn.

Brindlewood Bay is a roleplaying game about a group of elderly women— members of the local Murder Mavens mystery book club—who frequently find themselves investigating (and solving!) real-life murder mysteries. They become increasingly aware that there are supernatural forces that connect the cases they are working on and, in particular, a cult dedicated to the dark, monstrous aspect of the goddess Persephone will come to vex them.

The game is directly inspired by the television show Murder, She Wrote, but also takes inspiration from the works of H.P. Lovecraft, “cozy” crime dramas, and American TV shows from the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s.

Fisk Borg--Go Fishing in the World of Mörk Borg!

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“I’ve got it. I know what to do. The North Star is on the verge of extinction. The fate of the whole world lies in our hands. We’ve got no choice. We’re going fishing.” - Xena, Warrior Princess

Welcome back to the endless grimdark world of Mörk Borg. It is time to fish in stygian depths and stagnant water. Why would anyone fish in this setting? You mean other than to fill that howling emptiness in your guts?

  • Powerful objects lie forgotten at the base of ancient pools
  • Terrible balms and squirming poisons can be drawn out of the depths of mouldering waste heaps.
  • Also, it helps to pass the time.

Besides anything can be fished...so long as you can dip a line into it. Jet-black tarns. The cyclopean edges of cold oceans. Reeking charnel pits. Pustulous mushroom patches. Perhaps even the human body- --although proposing such an endeavor would cause even the most morbid chirurgeons to balk...and then rush to consult their notes.

To begin fishing, all you need to do is approach a promising location, draw forth your kit, and announce your intent to fish it. Gravity, patience, and malice will do the rest.

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