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This is for people who want to have the metaphysicals truths and powers within them opened up so they can live free and flourish; and also to have profound experiences and fun while developing their ability to access and read the energy field for unlimited healing, creativity and higher Self guidance and inspiration. We go on inner energy journeys that include looking at the contents in the programs of your chakras and freeing their hidden superpowers. Your true Self and Spirit speaks the language of energy and intuition.. We engage in energy scans, intuitive inquiries and exchange these with one another for healing, insight and transformation. When you get on the wavelength of your True Self, your life begins to flourish..AND we need a new set of laws to operate from that the culture does NOT teach us. Come, learn, experience, discover how amazing you are! Align with your true path and Purpose and you will experience unprecedented love and success that is supported fully by the co-creating universe. If you want that- Then this is for you!

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Activating the Divine Matrix to become your own Shaman

1809 Lincoln St


Details Come experience what it really takes to become your own shaman and transform your patterned, habitual life. Your Subtle Energy body IS your multidimensional Self, linked to your body and the quantum, creative laws and energies of the universe. Transformational gateways contained within it must be activated to allow access to your Higher Self abilities. This evening is an intro to Maureen's uocoming " Access Your Heaven in 7" seminar which teaches how is possible to move beyond the programmed and pain body self into your high-vibration soul and true Self; travel throughout dimensions to receive transformative guidance from Spirit; direct healing and manifesting energy that transforms your life issues, often permanently. Through sacred sound, breath and guided journeying within your own Subtle Energy Body gateways and you will learn two practices some of the most powerful priestesses and leaders in history used to heal and manifest the miraculous: * Release the point within the oldest part of the pleasure/pain brain that, once cleared, produces opiate hormones and experiences of ecstasy. When fully healed, this allows us to think with our expanded heart, not our limited ego-mind. * Align with, feel and activate the potent point called the “mouth of the Goddess” and from it, receive information regarding the solution to a current problem that is unavailable from your thinking brain. Don’t miss this profound encounter with the quantum, living library of your own infinite, creative, Invisible Self. Facilitated by Master Healer Maureen Riley; psychotherapist, spiritual teacher and initiated adept in Egyptian and Tantric Buddhist mystery schools. "After 2 near-death experiences, including the miraculous, spontaneous healing of a brain tumor, during which I touched and was touched by the Creator-creative realms of heavenly light and the powerfully transformative healing energy available there, my own healing capabilities and ability to “see” what others needed dramatically increased. This led to me being clairvoyantly assessed by one of the world’s most renowned and researched Healers who, in conjunction with a major alternative hospital research facility, granted me one of the nation’s first medical energy healing certifications for my demonstrated abilities to both read the subtle energy field and direct energy that created changes at the tissue and cellular levels, where memory and disease patterns are stored and replicated. Science has now proven the existence of this quantum, life-giving Field of Energy and information. What lights me up about this work is knowing that YOU were born for greatness. Right now, you, if you are like most people, are only expressing a portion of it. And that can be frustrating. But just like an acorn knows to become an oak, you must know that you have everything you need within you to succeed." -Maureen More at: www.PurelyVital.com Questions? Contact Maureen: [masked]

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