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2021 Knobstone trail Indiana - 3 days - Fall Colors!

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The exact date of this trip is contingent upon the Covid19 positivity rate , vaccine availability and government guidance.

The trip was formed last year to organize a training cohort which we met on line to motivate each other. We are not accepting new people at this time.

The Knobstone Trail is one of the most rugged trails in the Midwest. Many people use it to train for their AT trip.

This trip won't be open to regular RSVPs but will be organized in the following format.

1. You need to have prior backpacking experience
2. Hike 12 miles in one day (with or without pack) by the end of end of July and notify me in the comments for this trip.
3. Attend a 30 minute Zoom meeting on 8/15 (Saturday) at 8 AM, where I will go over more details on the expectations for training in the next few months to get ready for the hike.

We will motivate each other throughout the year so we are ready to complete the 48 mile trip in 2.5 days.

Mileage: high
Terrain/conditions: moderate/rugged
Duration: 3 days - Thursday night to Sunday afternoon.

Introduction to Backpacking or equivalent experience required. If you have not completed an overnight trip with our meetup, direct message the organizer with your experience before signing up. Participation is at the discretion of the organizer.

Location Details / Map:

Trip Narrative: the 48 mile Knobstone Trail is Indiana’s longest natural surface foot path. It is a popular backcountry trail that runs along high ridges which offer great views across the wooded hills of southern Indiana, and on clear days, even glimpses of Louisville and the Ohio River.

Thursday: arrive at the camp site in the evening
Friday: car shuttle and cache water, hike 14 to 16 miles
Saturday: 20 to 24 miles
Sunday: 8 to 12 miles

There is no need to solicit rides. One of the organizers will send an email request for carpool information and make arrangements (within reason) for everyone to get a ride. A response is required to hold your spot on the trip.

$15 meetup fee (non-refundable)
Gas/tolls/parking fees - please bring cash to split within carpool
[Note if additional fees are required (e.g., permit, campsites, etc.) or if collected at the time of sign-up, adjust $5 amount above]

Additional Information

1. If you are new to backpacking, you should have successfully completed an “Introduction to Backpacking” trip before signing up. If you have not been on an Intro trip, but have other backpacking experience, please direct message a trip organizer outlining your recent experience. Participation is at the discretion of the trip organizers.
2. Please note that no refunds will be issued, so please carefully review the trip details before signing up.
3. We practice Leave No Trace and expect that all participants follow LNT guidelines (
4. Organizers are volunteers, not guides. Each participant is responsible for obtaining and carrying his/her own meals and gear.
5. While on the trail, we function as a group. We expect each participant to be a contributing member to group tasks such as gathering wood, filtering water, etc.
6. No Add-Ons. Everyone must be signed up under their own Meetup account. Also, no minors, dogs, or other dependents are permitted.
7. If RSVPs fill up, please post a note in the comment section about your interest in attending the trip. These comments will be used to fill any spots that open.
8. Keep in mind that backpacking is an intense cardiovascular activity that may involve a variety of potential health and safety risks. While organizers and other trip participants may help to facilitate trip planning and logistics, each trip participant must know his/her own capabilities and is solely responsible for his/her own safety.

Message me with any questions please!
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