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Brain Sportz Trivia at McGee's Tavern

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Another member of our trivia Meet Up and I played here on the 19th, for the opening trivia night at McGee's. We won the chosen category for the week of Tues., the 26th, and we picked "80's Sitcoms."

The bar is a fairly young Depaul crowd. Parking is a little hard, sorry. Food is pretty good for bar food!

Format is mostly general trivia. There is a music clip auido round--you usually need to guess both the song title and the artist/band. One of the general trivia rounds may have answers that have a common, tied-in theme that can be guessed for a bonus. The final round is a speed round where one question is asked, and you have to write down as many answers as possible within 10 seconds of the end of a song playing. For example, last week's question was name as many world capitals that are spelled with four or five letters. There is no power point or Excel on the flatscreens, like at Michael Diversey's.

The format will be further explained at the event and is very easy to understand--don't worry.