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Sightseeing in Sigil (Planescape Homebrew) @ High Dive

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Every week on Tuesday

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The City of Doors is under siege.

The Lady of Pain is missing.

A lone band of adventurers is all that stand between Sigil and it’s imminent destruction

Join us for a trek through the planes, an introduction to Sigil and the setting of Planescape, and adventures in the ineffable and fantastical world of the Dustmen, the Mercykillers, the Harmonium, and the Athar.

— character creation will happen at the table and all players begin at level 4

— ability scores will be generated using a homebrew method

— rules will be largely Adventurer’s League with additional rules created by the DM

— due to being homebrew the characters will NOT be transferable to AL

— combat will be handled on a virtual tabletop or with a battle map depending on location

— this will be a legacy campaign continued from a homebrew I have been running for many years

All are welcome and I am looking for at least three players who will be regularly available. Expect lots of custom monsters, maps, and a healthy dose of horror and gore.

Feel free to comment or contact me if you have any questions and I will answer ASAP.