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C++ Open Mic

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It is time we hear from the audience. And hence time for an open mic. We will gather and hear from our fellow developers what is cool, exciting, and fun about C++ in their eyes. Pick an idea about C++ that you find interesting and can talk about in 5 to 10 minutes and show us the what, why, when, where, and how. Some possible areas to talk about: * One new feature in the C++ language that you would like to see. * One existing feature in the C++ language or standard library that you would remove or replace. * One existing feature that could be made simpler. * An existing tool that everyone should use. * An existing library that everyone should use. * A new tool or library that would be good to have, and someone should start working on *right* *now*. * A clear method of teaching some particular C++ construct and/or concept. You can choose whatever presentation style you like for this. From some complex slide masterpiece all the way to just standing up and talking like you know what you are doing. If you are up for this, you can contact the hosts to get a presentation slot.

The Many Variants of Variant
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Variant is a discriminated union. It has been in Boost since 2004. A different variant has been added to C++17. What makes it so hard and controversial to design variant? This talk will explore the various goals, considerations and tradeoffs the C++ Committee made for std::variant. The audience will also participate in brainstorming to see if their design would have gone in a different direction. About the speaker: Back when Nevin Liber was working at Bell Labs in Naperville, a friend of his from Apple called him and asked “What do you know about C++? You folks invented it!” That was enough to get a relatively shy junior engineer to go find the local expert so he could go play with it, and the rest is history! Nevin has worked in C++ across various industries and platforms (low-latency, operating systems, embedded and telephony, just to name a few). He has also been a C++ Committee member since 2010 and hosted both the C++ and C standards meetings here in Chicago in 2013.

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