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Leveraging Multi-Threading in C++11: A Logged Case Study

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Due to the sudden and unexplained withdrawal of our
originally-scheduled speaker, the man who was going to be
our June speaker, Robert Douglas, has agreed to be our April
speaker. Here is a summary of his presentation:

Limited by the laws of physics, processors are no longer
getting noticeably faster for serial execution. As
such, we now must take the step into the multi-threaded
universe. C++ has finally been dragged into language
support for threading, and the results are a
surprisingly simple set of tools, making the transition
easy, though sometimes dangerous.

This talk will explore issues to consider as you move
code into the multiverse, as well as how that can be
done with standard library utilities. A case study will
be presented, the step-by-step evolution of a printf
style logger, from straightforward serial execution to
fully multithreaded.

Topics include: (but not limited to)
- async()
- mutexes, locks, and condition variables
- techniques for passing data
- some light coverage of atomics

Our corporate sponsors are: Dominoes, who will be
providing pizza;, who will be providing
beer; and The Axiom Group (, who will
be providing snacks.

About the Speaker:

This is Robert Douglas's third speaking engagement with the
group and second solo presentation. He graduated from the
University of Michigan in 2005, with his BSE in CS, and has
worked in science and financial companies, since. Rob has
been doing heavy threading intensive work for the last few
years, in particular, and has been watching the C++11
facilities, eagerly.

Rob was formerly a member of the C++ Standards Committee
with DRW Trading, and hopes to be involved again in the
standards body, soon.

In his spare time, Rob works with a couple academic
researchers on their projects, and continues his own
research into programming with ranges.