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Seeking anyone interested in getting together with friends (new and old) at a convenient time and place to sit down and read a play! Out loud, without rehearsal (i.e., cold) for no one but ourselves, for fun and humankind! ;) More can be found on this idea here: https://coldreads.wordpress.com/

"We assume parts regardless of age/gender/type, and double up, and swap around so everyone reads major roles. Now and then we stop to “ad lib” (recap, question, clarify, opine, debate, share insights, wisecrack), until somebody says 'Shut up and deal.'" (from the Cold Reads website)

We will select the next play reading from a list submitted by members (so start thinking of plays you would like to read). Roles are assigned at each reading. No acting experience necessary- we're not performing and there is no audience (although, if you have acting experience or a flair for the dramatic, you will not be discouraged from showing it).

*You are welcome to just come and listen, too -- you don't have to read, although reading is part of the fun.*

Discussion, community and either "pot-luck" or access to refreshments for sale are a part of each reading.

We choose a play each month by putting member recommended plays into a randomizer ( https://wheelofnames.com/ )

We usually meet on the third Wednesday of each month (although sometimes this varies, so please check the events page) inside the Starbucks at the Lawrence & Ravenswood Mariano's grocery store.

Starting January 2020, members who have not been to a meet-up in over 6 months will be removed. Moving forward, new and existing members will also be asked to contribute a monthly donation at each meeting of any amount you can afford towards the upkeep of this page, or you can feel free to contribute online: https://secure.meetup.com/Chicago-Cold-Reads/contribute/ . Members must be at least 18 years old.

I appreciate your understanding and support!

Want to donate $ to help with Meetup and Zoom costs? Venmo @Louise-Tripp

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[Virtual] Join us for a read-aloud of Oslo by J.T. Rogers

Needs a location

You should only need to click on the link in the location field or copy/paste it into your browser to join us.

This time, we will be reading Oslo, the Tony Award-winning play by J.T. Rogers.

*** NOTE: Since we will be virtual, I will share the ebook copy via Zoom’s “share screen” feature, so if you can’t locate your own, it’s OK! ***

However, if you prefer your own copy, you can check your local library or scribd.com (where I found it).

If you prefer to purchase a copy, I recommend buying the book from your favorite independent bookstore using:


If we don't have a full cast RSVP (there are 5 characters in this one), we will each read multiple parts. If we have more readers than characters, we will switch up parts. One person will read the longer stage directions (those that are more than a sentence) as well.

I look forward to seeing you there!

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