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When it comes to both research and patients, too often fighting the disease of cancer is singular. Due to these barriers in communication, progress in curing cancer is stalled by doctors' and researchers' inability to share information and collect data across industries or organizations. For patients, as well as their families, breaking down these barriers would make it possible to connect with those who have experienced fighting the disease before and their knowledge of available resources, research trials and doctors.

WeWork is a community of people built on collaboration, teamwork and the idea that we are all better together. With these values at the helm, WeWork is proud to partner with the Biden Cancer Initiative to provide the space, platform and people for researchers, patients, caretakers, and survivors to share information and collaborate to fight cancer together.

This partnership formally launches Collaboration Hubs powered by WeWork and the Biden Cancer Initiative in select cities across the country beginning October 2018. WeWork's physical space provides an environment for important work to take place while breaking down obstacles to communication and shared information around research and development. Additionally, WeWork will encourage members of this partnership to actively promote and participate in the ongoing discussions and events being stood up as part of this partnership, including the Biden Cancer Colloquia.

This joint venture will unite WeWork's mission with the Biden Cancer Initiative call to action in one physical space.

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