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DBCx Speaker: Benjamin Fleischer

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Benjamin Fleischer has been a developer since 2010 and is quite active in the open-source software community. In addition to maintaining and collaborating on SimpleCov, Mail, RMagick, Acts-As-Taggable-On, and (, he has contributed to Passenger, Kaminari, RubyGems, Homebrew, Bcrypt-ruby, CodeClimate test-reporter, Rack, and Rails.

The ‘Open Source Report Card’ rates him as in the top 1% of Ruby coders on GitHub ( ). He took over maintainership of the metric_fu gem in January of 2013, and since then has learned how easy it can be to share problems and solutions.

Recently, he has become interested and active in helping revive development on gems whose development has stalled, been abandoned, or otherwise resulted in long lags between releases. He prepared a lightning talk ( ) on the topic for RailsConf 2014 and began a discussion for creating a RubyGems adoption center ( ).

Benjamin loves helping everyone get involved in in the community of open-source code that we all have a stake in. His blog can be found at (

Maintaining Open Source Projects

a.k.a. all your code are belong to us

Have you ever had trouble using a gem?

“It doesn’t work in some way” or

“It’s missing a feature” or

“There is no/missing documentation”

What can you do about it?

Customarily: give up, complain, write ugly hack, blog about it.

I used to give up, then one day, I made a monkey patch. I submitted it as a pull request, but without tests, and it took me about a year to pair with Andy Lindman and fix it. It was a great experience. Time passed.

I added more and more issues, made hacks, and forked repos for personal use until a light went on in my head: “I can share what I learned. I can give back. I am part of the code community.