Manageable, modular projects with Ember.js / Ember.ListView improvements

Ember Chicago
Ember Chicago
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Erik Bryn will be in town again and will give a quick talk about the latest improvements/features being added to Ember.ListView.

Steven Kane will address some common "pain-points" of building manageable, modular projects with Ember.js. We will cover effective strategies for isolating and debugging confusing behavior using jsfiddle and jsbin.

TLDR: This talk will take you from debugging/isolating issues using jsfiddle through to a full out-of-the-box suite of tools for rapid local prototyping using grunt.js with key features like livereload, file watching, ( for server/client communication, and an elegant module management system called minispade.js. Don't miss it.

Then we will transition to talking about the challenge of locating a suite of build tools that will make local development MUCH less painful. We will cover some of the details of a ember starter kit that 4-south has made available on Github for developers looking for an out-of-box build tool suite that will get them up and running quickly. The package includes build tools for watching and rebuilding all project files, it includes grunt-minispade (based on Yehuda Katz's minispade.js) for sleek module management, and has the ever-sexy livereload feature that many developers love.

Finally, we will show another open-source project that 4-south has produced that utilizes express.js, mongodb, and ( running on node to serve an api to our Ember application via a custom ( Adapter. This project should help developers exploring different options for network communication, api serving, and techniques for modifying Ember-data's adapters.