Dinner and a Movie - Episode 4

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My Very Large Apartment

Diversey & Western · Chicago, IL

How to find us

I'll send out my contact info the day before the event, so if you meet us at the theater or get separated you'll be able to text me whenever.

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D&M4 will be held on September 28 - time and movie TBD, although "The Death of Dick Long" debuts on the 27th so I'm leaning heavily toward that one if possible - it's by one of the guys who made "Swiss Army Man" so I'm super excited about Dick Long. The...movie.

For newbs: Dinner and a Movie is a CFS original series where we get together and see a movie at a local theater, then reassemble back at my place to have an in-depth discussion over a multi-course dinner. Any and all are welcome! (Except I can't guarantee I'll make food you like or that the movie will be any good...but what's life without an occasional roll of the dice?)