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Friday Jan 22 - Sunday Jan 24, 2021

So the big question is “will we or won’t we have the Hotel Takeover in 2021?

The answer is ONE BIG YES!!!!

But what about Covid?

There will be a number of changes to make sure that we comply with the Hotel’s corporate rules and the restrictions placed by the state of Wisconsin.

And of course we want to try and make this Hotel Takeover as safe as possible for everyone in attendance.

We know that many of you can’t wait for the Hotel Takeover, while others don’t feel ready yet to venture into social situations. We understand and respect everyone’s views. If we see you this time, great, if we don’t see you til next time that’s perfectly fine too.

1. We will be reducing the capacity of the Hotel Takeover by 50%. This means that only 40 rooms will be available. We do have many of them booked already, but still plenty available as of now.

2. Masks must be worn in the main lobby area of the hotel.

3. Our dining area will be shifted/spread out to accommodate social distancing.

4. Masks will not be required to be worn in any other part of the hotel, but mask wearing will be encouraged whenever possible.

5. At this time, the breakfast that the hotel offers is more of a grab and go versus the hotel breakfast we have previously enjoyed.

6. There will be NO pot luck on Friday or Fondue Contest (sorry!)

7. For those that have not paid in full, the price will be raised slightly by $10 per room.

8. Day passes will not be available at this time. This could change as we get closer to the event.

1. We will still have Bloody Mary and bingo Sat morning!

2. Dozer Dan the DJ will be there!

3. We have 4 Hospitality Suites confirmed, 2 for Friday night, 2 for Saturday night.

4. We will still have our costume contest on Saturday afternoon (as well as other fun activities!) Expect there to be special prices for the best masks!!!

5. We will still provide dinner on Friday and Saturday night (and Friday night leftovers for Saturday lunch)

6. Larry the Massage guy will be there!

7. The pool and hot tub will be open 24 hours

8. We will have hand sanitizer stations through out the hotel

9. Lots of fun all weekend long!!!

As we get closer to the event, there is always the chance that restrictions will ease and we will be able to accommodate more people. We will keep everyone posted.

1. We will be offering full refunds to anyone that has paid a deposit (or full amount) and cancels by Sept 30, 2020.

2. Any cancels after Sept 30 will be refunded the full amount minus the $50 deposit.

We absolutely do not want anyone to attend who is not feeling well. Last minute cancels will be given full refunds (minus $50 deposit as long as they cancel before Noon on Friday Jan 22, 2020.

We will be establishing a wait list to try and make sure that if there is a last minute cancel, we will still be able to fill the room.


We will be celebrating everything that was good (and bad!) about the 1970’s!

Friday, January 22 - Sunday January 24, 2021

Same Hotel in the Lake Geneva / Delavan area of Southeastern Wisconsin.

Room reservations are now available. The cost for a room per couple/single has been increased just a bit to $360. You need only $50 down to reserve your room, the balance is due by November 30, 2020.

Below is the link.


We also accept Chase Quickpay / Zelle. You can send funds to the email address [masked].


Steve and Katie