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Do you enjoy helping others? New in town? Like fun people who smile a lot? Has the rat race got you down? Want a calendar full of unique and fun things to do? TRY VOLUNTEERING!

Chicago Fun Volunteers is a unique & open forum thru which all altruistic activity within the area can be monitored. Join and help our large and active community of members keep tabs on opportunities in: Fests, Park Districts, United Way, Food Pantries, Tutoring, After school Programs, Local Cleanups, Senior Centers, Animal Shelters, and more... The unique MEETUP layout is ideal for this type of group concept since we've made it easy for ANY MEMBER TO POST volunteer events online, similar to putting up a flier in a coffee house for people to see. The difference here is that every Fun Volunteer in the Chicago area will see your event, all from the comfort of their homes...

This group's setup was made with you, the fun volunteer, in mind. Think of it as YOUR space, a "kiosk" on the web, where communication is expected for it to work. Feel free to post , organize, or discuss new ideas in the spirit of GOODWILL & FUN.

FUN VOLUNTEERS is NOT racially, religious, politically, sex, age, disability, relationship or social-status discriminate! We are also 100% FREE and NOT-FOR-PROFIT.

Welcome and We Hope You Enjoy Your Stay!

Upcoming events (4+)

Coppin Community Center Food Pantry.

Coppin Community Center - Food Distribution Center

Coppin Community Center partners with the Greater Chicago Food Depository. We distribute food items every Monday. This includes frozen protein, fresh produce, dairy and can/dry goods.

Schedule is as follows:
8:00 am-11:00 am is the window our food truck arrives. Volunteers are needed to unload 3-4 pallets of food items to be distributed later
2:00pm-6:00pm is table/shelving prep and distribution.
4:00-6:00 is actual distribution and volunteers are needed to assist clients picking and bagging food items.
Volunteers are requested to be fully vaccinated and masks are available. Please wear comfortable clothing and closed in shoes. Parking across the street. Coppin Community Center 5627 S. Michigan Ave. Chicago, Ill. 60637. Contact Frankye Parham, coordinator, [masked]

Help with weekly food pantry in Woodlawn Community, Flexible shift time

Edward G. Irvin Achievement Center

The Woodlawn Community Food Pantry is fully operated by volunteer members of the Chicago Alumni Chapter, Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity with support from the The Greater Chicago Food Depository. They have been operating for over a year as an outdoor mobile and is now a full service indoor/outdoor pantry with more food items.
The pantry distribution takes place every Monday at the Edward G. Irvin Achievement Center in one of the most under-served neighborhoods in out city.

Volunteers will help put cans and boxed food in shopping bags and pack fresh produce and frozen meat and distribute them to pantry clients.
This is a hybrid outdoor in the summer and indoor (in their huge basketball stadium) when weather is too cold.

Event Date: Every Monday afternoon
Event Time: 2 pm to 6:15 pm
Location: Edward G. Irvin Achievement Center
500 E. 67th Street, Chicago, IL 60638

Google map: https://goo.gl/maps/RS4zRNpvKcPHZM4f9

Shift time is flexbile, you can come and leave as it fits your schedule
Time line: 2 pm to 4 pm: pack grocery bags
4 pm to 6 pm, public distribution to clients
6 pm to 6:15 pm, clean up, recycle boxes, put unused food away.

Please don't feel you need to lift anything heavier than you feel comfortable doing. Your safety is our highest priority. We work in teams so nobody will feel stressed by doing more than then can physically do. This will be a very fun and friendly project to get to know your fellow volunteers and some new neighbors in our city. Your time and kindness will be deeply appreciated by over two hundred families in the Woodlawn neighborhood, who may otherwise go hungry during this winter. Your attendance is very important to ensure the success of this pantry project.

There is plenty of free parking on the adjacent side streets such as Marquette and Rhodes Ave. Please observe any parking sign restrictions or fire hydrants.

What you should know:

  1. The event can be held outside, or inside in their large gymnasium.
  2. Social Distancing markers are placed to minimize contact between Volunteers and the Clients.
  3. Org will fill-in the registration information from the Clients. No need for the Clients to touch the pens or the sheets.

Best Practices

  1. All Volunteers must wear PPE (Face Mask, Gloves) at all times. Protective Eyewear is also a good idea. Gloves and masks will be provided for you.
  2. If you have any flu like symptoms, or think you are infected or have been exposed to somebody who are infected with COVID-19, please do not come. Stay home and self quarantine, seek medical advice from your doctor. Join us after 14 days or when you have fully recovered . Take care of yourself first. Thank you.

If driving from the North or West sides of the city take the Dan Ryan Expressway (I-90/94 East) to 71st Street. Turn Left (East) onto 71st Street and travel 6 blocks to King Drive. Turn Left (North) on King Drive and travel 4 blocks to 67th Street. Take the 2nd or wide Right Turn (East) onto 67th Street to 500 E. 67th Street (Just past the Fire Station at the Stop sign).

Help with weekly food pantry distribution in West Humbolt Park, west side

Mission Our Lady of The Angels

Come help support a food pantry in West Humbolt Park, with Mission of Our Lady of the Angels. In response to COVID-19, the nuns at this mission have seen a triple increase in food needs and hunger from the community (they are currently helping 600 families a week). This is a safe, outdoor, socially-distanced food distributions. Volunteers will help setup tables and food and pass them out to our friendly and grateful neighbors who may be going through a hard time during this pandemic. You can make a difference in their lives by sharing some hope and kindness with them.

Volunteers are needed starting at 7:30 am. The first 2 hours are the busiest with positioning the food and tables. If you cannot make the full project time, coming late or leaving early is still helpful, just leave a message below to let us know if you have to adjust your shift time. Please help with clean up and break down, recycling after the event. While the nuns at this mission are of Catholic faith, they serve families of all faiths in the community and you do not need to be Catholic to volunteer and help. You should come with an open mind and attitude of respect and tolerance.

During the pandemic response, additional rules are implemented for everybody's safety:

  • Volunteers must be between the ages of 18 and 65
  • You cannot work in healthcare or live with someone who works in healthcare (we are praying for all healthcare workers but need to keep the pantry safe!)
  • It must be at least 14 days since you’ve attended a protest
  • You don’t think you’ve been exposed to COVID-19 otherwise
  • Bring your own mask
  • You MUST RSVP to [masked]. Volunteers who do not RSVP will not be allowed to volunteer.

**** IMPORTANT ******
This is a COVID-!9 response to help the community. All safety protocols must be followed to ensure everybody's safety. Only sign up if you can answer NO to all the following questions:

  1. Have you experienced any flu or cold like symptoms in the last 14 days?
  2. Have you traveled to any high risk states on Chicago's quarantine list in the last 2 weeks? https://www.chicago.gov/city/en/sites/covid-19/home/emergency-travel-order.html
  3. Have you been in contact with anybody that is tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days or exhibit COVID-19 symptoms?
  4. Have you been tested positive COVID-19, suspect or know you have the virus in the last 30 days?
  5. Do you have a fever over 100 degrees now?
  6. Do you have a dry cough now?
  7. Do you have any other reasons to think you are sick or may be infected with COVID-19?

**** IMPORTANT ******

If you answer yes to any of the questions, I respectfully ask you to stay home and attend to your own care and follow CDC's guidelines for self quarantine and speak to a doctor to see if you need to get tested. Your healthy and safety is the highest priority.

If you answer no to all the questions above, then we would love to have your help, as hundreds of family are in need of food in the neighborhood.

Time: every Tuesday morning from 7:30 am to Noon
Location: Mission of Our Lady of the Angels (school building)
3814 W. Iowa St., Chicago, IL 60651
Google map link: https://goo.gl/maps/t8tiwzTiPB3pXs6m6

Some free street parking in surrounding residential streets. Near CTA bus routes.

About the organizations:
The Mission of Our Lady of the Angels establishes a Catholic presence in the West Humboldt Park area on Chicago’s west side.

This area is presently one of the poorest neighborhoods in the City of Chicago. The purpose of the Mission is twofold: to assist the materially poor and to share the treasure of our Catholic Faith.

Food Pantries,
Distribution of Clothing/ Household Goods,
Emergency Assistance
Afterschool Programming
Senior Citizens' Programming-
Community Dinners
Special Holiday Events

For more information: please visit: https://missionola.com

Help unload and sort donated food, Redeeming Grace Church food pantry, southside

Help unload and sort donated food from the Food Rescue program at the Redeeming Grace Church Food Pantry, located in the West Pullman neighborhood. Volunteers will help unload food off the delivery truck and help sort the items, and then store the food properly, which will be distributed the next day on Saturday. The boxes can weight 20 to 40 pounds, and we will work in teams so you do not have to lift anything heavier than you are comfortable of lifting. We will also do our best to accommodate you if you cannot do any lifting. There are small and light items that needs individual sorting, like bread and can goods.

This is a weekly recurring event every Friday morning, from 11 am to around 3 pm. Shift time is flexible. If you cannot stay the whole 4 hour shift, any time you can give will be helpful and much appreciated. The truck's estimated time of arrival is 11 am, but it can be a little early or late, depending on weather, traffic, and other variables. So please be prepared to do some waiting, and help out with other tasks until the truck arrives. Your flexibility is much appreciated. No open toe shoes allowed. Please wear non slip shoes, like sneakers.

There is free street parking around the church.

The food is distributed on Saturday at noon. You can sign up for the food distribution event if you would like to interact directly with the clients. See separate post on the Chicago Fun Volunteer calendar.

Redeeming Grace Church client choice food pantry is a non-profit 501(c) located at 11801 S, Sangamon Chicago Il. Our Mission: To strengthen the community by distributing food to families in need. No families should have to face hunger. Every Saturday we serve the community of 60643 and 60628 zip code and neighboring communities. Serving people is not a job it a joy. We also have pet food for the client’s pets, when it is available. The Mission Department goal is to serve. NO families should go without food. Donations can be dropped off on Tuesdays from 7 pm-9 pm and Fridays from 8 pm to 9 pm. The food pantry is set up like a Grocery style setting where the clients choose and bag their own food, first come, first served basis. For further information you may contact Food Pantry Coordinator Valerie Brown at [masked] Thank you sincerely for caring about the hunger.

Transportation and Car pooling: We encourage our volunteers to be green whenever possible or practical. Public transportation (bus, train, bike, walking) are easy at many locations, but other sites are remote or end late at night and can use some car pool planning. If you do not drive and need a ride, post below and ask about car pool possibilities. State what town and intersection you can be picked up. If you do drive, please consider helping a fellow volunteer that lives near you or along your way. Post where you are coming from and offer to pick up a fellow volunteer along your route. You will make some new cool friends even before you get to the volunteer event.

Honor your RSVP commitment: Keep your RSVP status up to date. Event organizers depend on an accurate volunteer count to plan their assignments correctly. If you RSVP Yes to help an event, please honor your commitment and attend the event to help. Arriving on time and staying for the full duration of the volunteer shift is expected, unless stated by organizer that shift time is flexible, and you emailed ahead to both agree on a different time. Most events have limited volunteer spots; don't waste one by being a no-show. All event hosts are grateful for volunteers' help and will try to accommodate your schedule if you are sincere in helping.

You have the option to change your RSVP to "No" if you no longer can attend. We understand volunteers also have jobs, school, and family, and unexpected things happen. Please cancel with at least 48 hours notice before the event time so other volunteers on the waiting list can have enough time to adjust their own schedule to participate. Don't wait until the last day to cancel on an event, unless it is serious emergency. If you are sick with a cold of flu, then of course stay home to rest and recover. Taking care of your health is important. Going to an event when you are sick will only spread your germs and get more people sick. Most of the people we serve are vulnerable populations with a weaken immune system (seniors, children, homeless). We must be mindful to keep them safe and healthy.

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11801 S Sangamon St