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Chicago, IL

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May 15, 2019

Have you ever volunteered before? In what way? (Tutoring, Kids, Humanitarian, Cleanup, Nature, Animals) Still doing so?

I have volunteered once at an old folks home.

What do a person's day-to-day actions REALLY say about them? What do the words MORAL FIBER mean to you? Tell us what you think...

Actions speak louder than words. To have moral fiber to me means to know what the right thing to do and say is, and make a HABIT out of it.

Are you new to Chicago? Might you need or can you help carpool? As a fun community of members, transport to non-city events never ends up a problem!

I have lived in Chicago all of my life.

Occasionally outside groups contact us looking for help. Is there a specific type (animals, kids, etc) of volunteering you would like us to keep you mind for in these situations?

Animals and kids are the demographics I'm most interested in helping with/volunteering for.

Where did you hear about our group? A Current Member (who)? Meetup link/email? Flier? Speech? Facebook? Other? (Specific answers will help us & the number we reach out to *GROW* :)

My friend sent me an email, we want to do it together in order to help our community and earn service hours for school.