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Chicago, IL

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May 15, 2019

Have you ever volunteered before? In what way? (Tutoring, Kids, Humanitarian, Cleanup, Nature, Animals) Still doing so?

I have volunteered at homeless shelters before, helping with food. I normally do it on holiday's.

What do a person's day-to-day actions REALLY say about them? What do the words MORAL FIBER mean to you? Tell us what you think...

I think a person's day-to-day actions says who they really are and what they want to do. Moral Fiber to me, is a strength of character.

Are you new to Chicago? Might you need or can you help carpool? As a fun community of members, transport to non-city events never ends up a problem!

I can take the train.

Occasionally outside groups contact us looking for help. Is there a specific type (animals, kids, etc) of volunteering you would like us to keep you mind for in these situations?

I would enjoy working mostly with kids, but I am open to other things as well.

Where did you hear about our group? A Current Member (who)? Meetup link/email? Flier? Speech? Facebook? Other? (Specific answers will help us & the number we reach out to *GROW* :)

My mom came across the volunteering and sent it to me.