What we're about

If you're studying for the GMAT or planning to apply to b-school, you know preparing can be tough especially when doing it alone! A study group can help keep things interesting and allow for a deeper understanding of the subject matter.

In b-school, collaboration is the name of the game so the goal is to meet on a frequent and consistent basis to study together and collaborate on the other aspects of the applications. We will be sharing materials/resources, giving/getting feedback, and providing encouragement and accountability.

While meetings will be hosted on the Northside (mostly at the Skokie public library), members are encouraged to use this group as a platform to schedule separate/independent sessions with other members in similar circumstances or with similar aspirations (and at more convenient locations and times). The profile questions will help members find each other and co-ordinate meetings. As the group grows, more features will be enabled such as forums to allow discussions and online resource sharing.

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Quant: Geometry study session II

Skokie Public Library

Quant session: Geometry

Skokie Public Library

Verbal session: Reading Comprehension

Skokie Public Library

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