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The Krishnamurti dialogue group meets once or twice a month to have dialogues on the content of J. Krishnamurti's works. We usually meet for a couple of hours at the Sultzer Regional library on a Saturday afternoon and/or the Lincoln Belmont Branch Library one evening of the week. Before meeting for a dialogue, we often read a short talk from Krishnamurti, a question with answer or an extract from his work and we start the dialogue on the content when we meet.

Some general remarks on dialogue:
• Dialogue is an opportunity for deep inquiry, both revealing the formative influences of beliefs, ideas, and opinions, and potentially going beyond them.
• Dialogue is not a means to an end. We are not attempting to arrive at any conclusions, but rather to explore without a fixed goal. This requires openness and vulnerability and a willingness to investigate the unknown. This movement in “not knowing” has its own strength. It is important to the process of “thinking together”.

J. Krishnamurti on dialogue:
"We are having a dialogue, which means a conversation between people who are concerned about certain problems of human beings and want to go into them deeply, with care and affection, not any form of assertion or argument. A dialectical method seeks to find out the truth through opinions. But we are not investigating dialectically. Rather, we are like two friends talking over their human problems together who hope to solve them and discover truth.
I am afraid there is a great deal if misapprehension that we are trying to find a technique to truth, which means practicing a method that will help you come upon truth. We deny there is any such technique. Truth is a pathless land, you can’t lay down a line, a direction, a path to it, and then practice it, discipline yourself, learn a technique."
― J Krishnamurti - To Be Human, Krishnamurti Foundation Trust, 2000, pg.19

Resources on J. Krishnamurti: - Introduction page to J. Krishnamurti - Krishnamurti Foundation of America - online repository of authentic works, full text search, audio/video

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