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Welcome to the Chicago Kotlin Users group! We are a group of lovely people interested in this fun and new language that is quickly winning popularity on the JVM and spreading to JS and Native. Come join us and learn more about this neat, pragmatic language, the ecosystem surrounding it and what Kotlin can do for you! We hope to have interesting presenters/talks and presentations once a month. If you have a topic you'd like to hear about, let us know! If you want to present something, get in touch!

Look forward to meeting you soon!

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Kotlin Lightning Talks

1 N Dearborn St

Stop by for 5-10 minute long talks on anything Kotlin related. This is a great opportunity to try out public speaking in a friendly and supportive place, and it's a great way to learn a lot of random topics in a short amount of time. Please drop a note in the comments or message the organizers if you have any interest in presenting and your talk title will be added to this description. Schedule 1. ??? 2. ??? 3. ??? ...

Kotlin Night with Thomas Nield + Victoria Gonda

Pivotal Labs

Come join Chicago Kotlin User Group for a Kotlin Night with Thomas Nield and Victoria Gonda! Doors open at 5:00, and the talks will begin 5:30. Thomas Nield - The Many Types of "AI" As programmers, we love solving problems. However, sometimes we need more than programmer grit to solve many problems with no easy answer. Suppose you need to tightly schedule 190 classes in 20 classrooms, with different class durations, recurrences, and constraints throughout the week? What about minimizing the operating cost of a train schedule while maintaining a steady movement of passengers? How about identifying objects in images? Or simply solving a Sudoku? Victoria Gonda - "Transforming your Tests with Kotlin" We know we should write tests, and we know that Kotlin gives us some nice features to use in our code, so how can we put these two together? There are some really great ways that Kotlin is being used in test writing, and we'll look at a number of them. This will include features such as higher order functions and escaping back-ticks and how they can make your tests more expressive. We'll also look at some testing libraries that take advantage of Kotlin's features. At the end of this talk you'll walk away with an understanding of how you can use Kotlin to make your tests more enjoyable.

Kotlin Everywhere in Chicago



JetBrains and Google is coming together to host Kotlin Everywhere around the world - here in Chicago, the Kotlin User Group and Google Developer Group is collaborating to highlight and show Kotlin’s power across an entire stack from Mobile all the way to Backend. We hope you will join us at 1871 to enjoy a 4-hour event including a variety of local speakers and speakers from afar and some JetBrains workshops!

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Mob Programming Kotlin + Kafka with Matt

55 E Monroe St

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