Chicago Kotlin User Group @ SpotHero: FP with Arrow in Kotlin

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125 S Clark St #1300 · Chicago, IL

How to find us

SpotHero is on the 13th floor at 125 S. Clark St. Enter through the Clark street entrance and use that elevator bank.

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Are you interested about functional programming in Kotlin?

Come meet us at SpotHero this month for a great talk on learning about function programming concepts in Kotlin with Arrow by Attila Domokos:

Talk: What could possibly go wrong? - A safer programming with Arrow

Your Kotlin app grabs data from an API, transforms it and saves the processed data in a database. However, there are so many things that could go wrong at runtime: the API might be inaccessible, the data is not what you expected or the data can't be persisted in the database. You can start adding `try` `catch` blocks to your function in your objects, but there is a better way to do it: treat your impure functions as computations with context, pass them around just like other values, and make the necessary unsafe invocation from a single point of your app, your main function.
This talk will walk you through the core functional concepts of Arrow, you will learn how `Some`, `Either` and even `IO` are functor, applicative and monad. You can use the code example from this talk as a starting point for your Arrow-learning, to write safer, simpler and more elegant functional code in Kotlin.


Attila Domokos
Staff engineer at SpotHero

Attila has been learning functional concepts for the last 6 years. After many years of Ruby development he used Haskell professionally for a year, before he joined the great team of engineers at SpotHero. Now he is using his Haskell experience to write safer and simpler functional Kotlin with the help of Arrow.
When he is not writing code, he enjoys spending time with his family, or rocking out with his band on his recently acquired bass guitar.