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Whether you are an avid reader, or US Magazine is your literature of choice, this book club is for you. I was doing some perusing through the various Meetup groups and saw that there was not a Meetup for GLBT readers. So, I thought rather than complain, let me start one of our own. My intention is that this book club be a place to ignite friendship, thoughtful conversation and an opportunity to connect over some really good books.

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The Guide by R.K. Narayan

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On November 4th, we'll discuss The Guide by R.K. Narayan, the story of a man's transformation from con man to holy man. Since there is apparently ALWAYS a movie, sure enough this book has been adapted in the 1965 Bollywood classic Guide. I'm excited for this one. It won Narayan the Sahitya Akademi Award, and it's been described as "breezy", so give it a shot and come join us! *********************************************************** Formerly India's most corrupt tourist guide, Raju-just released from prison- seeks refuge in an abandoned temple. Mistaken for a holy man, he plays the part and succeeds so well that God himself intervenes to put Raju's newfound sanctity to the test. Narayan's most celebrated novel, The Guide won him the National Prize of the Indian Literary Academy, his country's highest literary honor.

America by Jean Baudrillard

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Up next for the group and in honor (or dishonor) of the election, let's read America by Jean Baudrillard. Ruminations on our country by a postmodern French philosopher (written during the Reagan era, bear in mind) should be just the thing to get a good talk going at this time. Baudrillard can be polarizing, but love it or hate it, we should have plenty to discuss. *********************************************************** From the sierras of New Mexico to the streets of New York and LA by night—"a sort of luminous, geometric, incandescent immensity"—Baudrillard mixes aperçus and observations with a wicked sense of fun to provide a unique insight into the country that dominates our world.

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The Woman in Black by Susan Hill

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