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Whether you are an avid reader, or US Magazine is your literature of choice, this book club is for you. I was doing some perusing through the various Meetup groups and saw that there was not a Meetup for GLBT readers. So, I thought rather than complain, let me start one of our own. My intention is that this book club be a place to ignite friendship, thoughtful conversation and an opportunity to connect over some really good books.

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Jackson Park Cherry Blossoms

Needs a location

PLEASE NOTE: Cherry tree blossoms, while beautiful, are difficult to predict and quite short. Peak bloom only lasts for around 3 days. We are hoping for Memorial Day weekend, but please be aware that the date may shift depending on when the bloom actually starts. Come join us for a relaxing afternoon viewing the cherry tree blossoms in Jackson Park! Book club members may remember the park as the primary setting for The Devil in the White City. These trees were planted starting in 2012 to celebrate the 120th anniversary of the World Columbian Exposition and the strengthening of cultural ties between Japan and Chicago which happened as a result! This will be the first year all of the trees are mature enough to bloom. They are planted around Columbia Basin and in the Garden of the Phoenix (Olmstead would be proud). We will meet up on the south steps of the Museum of Science and Industry. Feel free to bring picinic supplies and other items for park recreation, but keep in mind that crowds for peak bloom are expected to be large, especially if it occurs during Memorial Day weekend.

Mansfield Park (Volume Two, Chapter VIII through End)

Needs a location

We had a fun discussion of the first half of Mansfield Park this week. We will be discussing the rest of the book at the next meeting. I'll be hosting at my place in Lakeview. It's close to both the red and brown line. I'll send out my address a day or so before the event. Our next book will be When We Rise: My Life in the Movement by Cleve Jones. The book has been described as "not only the story of a hero to the LQBT+ community, but the vibrantly voice memoir of a full and transformative American life." Should be good!

[Long Reads] At Swim, Two Boys (Whole Book)

Nookies Edgewater

Hi all, for this long read, we are reading At Swim, Two Boys. A synopsis: Set in Dublin before and during the 1916 Easter Rising, At Swim, Two Boys tells the love story of two young Irish men: Jim Mack and Doyler Doyle. Jim goes to school on a scholarship (for which he is looked down upon) – he is quiet, studious, thoughtful, and naïve. In contrast, Doyler is outspoken, rebellious, brave, and affectionate. Doyler might once have received a scholarship, like Jim, but Doyler withdrew from school to find work and support his impoverished family, leading them to grow apart. They have an additional connection through their fathers, who served in the army together during the Boer War, and were once best friends. Longer than a normal read, but not as long as our other long read books, we'll be discussing the whole book.

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