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Superheroes are really in right now, right? Sure they are; everyone knows Batman, and Iron Man, and Spider-Man. Get ready for the greatest of them all, Pumaman! He has the powers of a puma, like flying, walking through walls, and pretending to die! Pumas do that, right?

Pumaman is a British TV movie that landed almost exactly the same time as Greatest American Hero, and the premise is roughly the same -- an unassuming fellow displays awkward, unskilled use of powers bestowed by clothing from aliens, only he's very specifically tasked with protecting a mask that gives its wielder the ability to control mens' minds -- which is a strange power for a mask to give, and what's more the aliens could have saved us a lot of trouble by just not leaving the mask laying around in the Andes to begin with. Also, if the powers are bestowed by Aztec gods, why is the hero a white North American? Why, even with superpowers, is he less of a badass than the Aztec priest sent to awaken his powers?

I don't know. I bet Greatest American Hero had similar plot holes, but William Katt and Robert Culp were just so much fun we didn't notice them*. Anyway, come on and watch Mike and the Bots riff on a kinda stupid but kinda fun TV movie about an incompetent superhero!

The episode starts in room 304 at approximately 7:30, but you are more than welcome to come early and enjoy a pint and a meal at the Fifth Province, the center's pub with us as we mingle with each other. There is a $5 event fee to cover equipment, room rental and other group expenses, which covers your attendance and a pre-printed nametag. If assistance getting to the Center is needed or any concerns aren't answered in the body of this email, you may email me with the contact button to your left, call me on the day of the meetup, or text me anytime at 815-535-3226.

* I have the series on DVD. Believe me, the holes are there.