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Math Jam is an informal gathering of mathematics enthusiasts. No expectations: just bring some of your favorite bits of math -- a game, a problem you're thinking about, a question for the group, anything. Find out more about this international movement (boy that sounds fancy) at http://math-jam.com/

Math Jam is not a program for children, but 18+ are welcome (you don't need to be 7*3). We also don't have formal lectures or presentations, and food/drink at this time is up to each individual. Think of it as analogous to a language conversation table, but for math.

Also follow @ChicagoMathJam for tweets on Jam nights and updates!

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September Math Jam

Ph.D Pub

May Math Jam

Ph.D Pub

April Math Jam

Ph.D Pub

February Math Jam

Ph.D Pub

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