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Group members are taught the essentials of mindfulness and how the process relates to their thoughts, feelings and self-perception. The techniques teach you to be aware of what you are experiencing in the moment, which allows for freedom, choice and compassion in how you relate to your thoughts and patterns. Unwanted patterns of relating and behaving discovered during the sessions can then be shifted. Using wisdom from both modern psychology and mindfulness allows patterns to shift more rapidly as the combination of these perspectives addresses patterns at many levels - the intellectual and emotional mind and the neurobiology of the body. The focus will be on learning mindfulness through experiential practices, creating a practice at home, and using the practice to create healthy choices and patterns. Georgia Jones is a psychotherapist and meditator with over 15 years' experience with both. She is the owner of Chicago Mindful Psychotherapy (www.chicagomindfulpsychotherapy.com (http://www.chicagomindfulpsychotherapy.com/)), in the Andersonville neighborhood of Chicago. She and the therapists at CMP use the best of Western psychology and Eastern mindful meditation practices to help clients who are suffering live with ease.

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Weekly Drop-In Meditation

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This is a simple practice sitting. We'll together decide on a technique. (We use a variety - sound, body scan, thought, lovingkindness and many more!). Then the leader will give brief instruction, we meditate in silence together for about 17 minutes, and then have a few minutes at the end for comments, reports and/or questions. Meditating in a group feels different! There's more energy, it's easier to hold yourself accountable and follow through, and you benefit from hearing about others' experiences. Join us! No need to bring a cushion, although you're welcome to if you like. We usually sit in chairs. Wednesdays 5:30-6pm Please be prompt!

Refuge Recovery - Buddhist-Based Sobriety Support

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Refuge Recovery is a non-theistic, Buddhist-inspired approach to recovery from addictions of all kinds. We are a community of people who are using the practices of mindfulness, compassion, forgiveness, and generosity to heal the pain and suffering that addiction has caused in our lives and the lives of our loved ones. The path of practice that we follow is called the Four Noble Truths of Refuge Recovery: • Meditation • Generosity • Kindness • Renunciation Weekly peer-led meetings include guided meditations, readings from the book Refuge Recovery, and group sharing and discussion. Open to people of all backgrounds and respectful of all recovery paths, these meetings are appropriate for anyone in, or interested in, recovery from any forms of addictive behavior. No prior meditation experience necessary.

Women's Empowerment

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How do I stop making the same mistakes? How do I realize my positive potential? Why do I judge myself as better or worse than others? Why is there no one right answer to so many of my big, life dilemmas? In this group, we discover together how to get what we want and change behaviors that don’t reflect who we really are. Come experience the relief of having a choice. Choose connection. Choose harmony within and with others. Create a loving community where shame is exposed for the lie it is. Laugh. Cry. This group will double joy and halve pain for women who want to be seen, heard and loved for who they are. Come join our community! Saturdays, 8:30–9:45am, rolling admissions; start anytime! $80 per month (we ask that women commit to at least one month to promote cohesion and safety in the group) https://chicagomindfulpsychotherapy.com/womens-empowerment-group

Well Fed

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• What we'll do Well Fed is an accountability group designed to explore your relationship to food, fitness and feeling good in and about your body. It’s about nourishing yourself from the inside out so that you move about in life feeling … well fed. The good news is … you are not alone and you are not terminally unique in your challenges. In fact, when you take away the mind numbing behaviors that so many of us engage in, you’ll find that we all have the same stinking thinking! Well Fed is your opportunity to explore and change that thinking. Together, we will set smart goals that are specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused, and time- bound. Using sound therapeutic principles and mindfulness practices you will: Sundays, 4:30-6pm, rolling admissions; start anytime! $160 per month (we ask that folks commit to at least one month to promote cohesion and safety in the group) To Register, visit https://chicagomindfulpsychotherapy.com/well-fed • What to bring • Important to know

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Mindfulness-Based Stress-Reduction Class (8 weeks)

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