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Group members are taught the essentials of mindfulness and how the process relates to their thoughts, feelings and self-perception. The techniques teach you to be aware of what you are experiencing in the moment, which allows for freedom, choice and compassion in how you relate to your thoughts and patterns. Unwanted patterns of relating and behaving discovered during the sessions can then be shifted. Using wisdom from both modern psychology and mindfulness allows patterns to shift more rapidly as the combination of these perspectives addresses patterns at many levels - the intellectual and emotional mind and the neurobiology of the body. The focus will be on learning mindfulness through experiential practices, creating a practice at home, and using the practice to create healthy choices and patterns.

Chicago Mindful Psychotherapy (www.chicagomindfulpsychotherapy.com (http://www.chicagomindfulpsychotherapy.com/)) is located in the Andersonville neighborhood of Chicago. We host in-person and virtual groups and workshops that center on mindfulness and the practice of meditation. For 2019 - 2021, our Weekly Meditation Group will be hosted by Jennifer Klein, MA candidate and Clinical Intern at Chicago Mindful Psychotherapy.

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Bodyful Living for Grief + Loss (6-wk, online group begin 1/31)

NOTE: This is a paid group. Registration by email is REQUIRED. Bodyful Living for Grief + Loss 6-week, closed group therapy Sundays - 3-4pm (CST) | Meeting Virtually | Group begins on 1/31/21 This group will be led by Chih-Hsien Lin, LCPC, BC-DMT & EMDR-trained, and is a time-limited and closed group; sorry, no drop-ins. Limited to 15 participants. Cost: $200/per person. Email Chih-Hsien directly to ask questions, or to get registered today: [masked] _________________________________________________________________________________ This 6-week group is intended for people who have experienced grief and loss (within a year), and are finding their paths in more healthily and comfortably grieving. As body is where the emotions dwell and express themselves, this group will include guided bodyfulness and mindfulness exercises to reduce the anxiety and physical pain associated with grieving, and shared discussions and creative resourcing between facilitator and participants to collectively embrace each unique agenda to re-plant life. Grief can feel isolating, but the life in grief can be shared and joined. This group is to: - Ease and navigate the physical symptoms of grief - Help you care for difficult and overwhelming emotions - Support awareness of and groundedness in the present moment - Cultivate your compassion towards self and others - Embrace and make meaning from the embodied expressions of grief and loss Group runs 6-weeks. Meeting Virtually on Sundays from 3-4pm CST. This is a closed group format, no drop-ins. Maximum of 15 participants.

Mindful Anger Management (10-wk, online group begin 2/18)

NOTE: This is a paid group. Registration by email is REQUIRED. Mindful Anger Management is a 10-week curriculum-based group combining classic anger management skills and mindfulness. This group is scheduled to begin meeting via Telehealth on Thursday, 2/18/21. *** Meeting (Online) Virtually, Thursdays, 6-7pm SCHEDULED TO BEGIN: 2/18/2021 $200 for entire series | 10-week group | No drop-ins. Maximum 7 participants. Group lead by Tom Pickens, MA, CADC MORE INFO: https://chicagomindfulpsychotherapy.com/anger-management _________________________________________________________________________________ The group will explore the evolutionary role of anger, when anger is appropriate, the difference between assertiveness and aggressiveness, and how to differentiate between anger, fear and frustration. We’ll practice being able to express ourselves so that others are able to truly hear us versus being intimidated or afraid. We’ll use mindfulness skills to identify emotions and be able to “just feel” these rather than reacting inappropriately. This group is not someone talking at you about how to be less angry. It’s interactive and results in a real shift in how you experience and express the often helpful emotion of anger. REGISTER BY EMAILING: [masked] *** IMPORTANT: You are NOT registered until you email Tom, and he completes your intake by phone or email. This group may be billable to your health insurance. Contact us for details on coverage + availability.

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