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Chicago area Network Programmability User's Group (NPUG) The world of networking is changing quickly - software defined networking, API's, Python, open source, automation, and other technologies are being introduced and it's clear there's a new skill set required with the next wave of technology. It seems like too much to comprehend, but how does someone get started? The Network Programmability User's Group is a community built around learning and sharing, helps people in different roles like software engineering, network engineering, security management, consulting, architecture, and more start becoming acquainted with new technology. As well, network with your peers and discover new career options. Are interested in learning Python? Want to automate routers, switches and virtual machine configuration? Curious what DevOps is about and how you can get involved? Don't want to be left behind? You're in the right place. The next generation network engineer doesn't need to be a programmer, and the next wave of developers doesn't need to be network engineers, but having some knowledge or skills from both sides is extremely valuable.

See more on the wiki: https://netprog.atlassian.net/wiki/display/NPUG/NPUG

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