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Dan Sheridan Teaches Options Trading

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Dan is teaching this first class FREE of charge. All are welcome to join in on this educational event regardless of intent to join in on full course study.

All, we have received a group proposal for Dan Sheridan's Mentoring program. Classes will start Sep 28th, with the first class being free for all members. Below are the details of the course offering:

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Proposal for Chicago NW Burbs Trading Group

Note: The packages provided below represent over 20% discount from the standard individual packages offered by Sheridan Option Mentoring. The proposed group rates apply with a minimum signup of 15 students. An additional 10% group discount will be applied with a signup rate of over 15 students.

Existing Sheridan students are welcome to join in on any of the classes at no additional cost.


Package #1 Group Mentoring 6 Months
Rate: $3,000

Starts September 28 at CNW Burbs Trading Club. Session #1 is an introductory class and is free to all club members. Additional Class sessions will officially start the 2nd or 3rd week in October, pending student’s availability.

We will meet once per week for 1 Hour. Dan will teach once per month live, for a total of six months, at CNW Burb Trading Club. The classes will be recorded. The day and time will be determined based on best availability of all class members.

Months 1 through 4: Each class will consist of Teaching on specific topics including actionable trades that the class will be required to put on. Homework assignments will also be provided.

Months 4 through 6: Will continue the format of months 1 through 4 with the addition of teachings advanced strategies with increasing trade size.

Weekly tutoring will be available on the use of the software platform, trading concepts, order entry in your brokerage account, and any other questions or concepts that students need to work on.

Any student is free to chat with Dan or one of the mentors about anything, just call or e-mail.

At the end of the six months, we will have a final Test and an official graduation ceremony at CNW Burbs Trading Club. The goal is to have each student profitably trading their live accounts, with high confidence, by the end of 6 months!

Package #2 Group Mentoring 6 Months Plus Community Access for One year at Sheridan Mentoring
(Includes all the offering in Package #1 plus one full year access to Dan Sheridan Community)
Rate: $5,000 (Is $2,000 increase over Package #1 for 12 months of Community access. The normal cost for community access is $4,500)

Community Access includes 25-30 Live Classes each week and around 1500 hours yearly teaching which includes:

1) Twenty hours per week of Live 1 on 1 sessions between Sheridan Community students and Sheridan mentors.

2) Online Classes which Dan does for the general public (3-4 hours per week), usually held on Wednesdays and Fridays. The typical cost for these classes is $397 for 4 weeks access (Represents a yearly value of over $4000). Recent class topics included: Strategies for trading, Weekly options, Iron Condors and Calendars.

3) Friday’s Veteran Student Sessions with experienced Sheridan students with Dan interacting. The students share their consistent bread and butter trading strategies and walk the audience through the trade setups, showing you exactly how to successfully apply them. (1-2 Hours weekly).

4) Beginner Trading Classes with a Sheridan Options Mentor, where the mentor goes through a beginner’s portfolio every week and teaches beginner concepts. (2 hours weekly)

5) Weekly Tutoring Classes where Dan teaches various strategies, adjustments, and concepts relevant to the current market. (2 hours weekly, usually Mondays and Thursdays)

After year 1 , Community Access can be continued on a per year basis for a minimal CNW Burb Group rate of $300, which includes over 1500 hours of live teaching (Additional 10% discount for greater than 15 sign-up does not apply).

Again, everything is recorded and archived for you to watch at your convenience.

Upgrading from Package #1 to Package #2:
Rate: $2,500 Anytime between the official start of Group mentoring and the end of the six months tutoring sessions. After that, see package #3 for standalone community access.

Package #3 Standalone Community Access
Rate: $3500 (Minimum signup requirement is 10 people, normal cost is $4500. Additional 10% discount for over 15 people does not apply.)

Software - $600 per year.