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TWO NEW CAMPAIGNS STARTED THIS FALL ! The first is a highly successful Pathfinder campaign that has been running for the last 4-5 years. It relies on the highly popular "Forgotten Realms" campaign setting. The sessions will be played in downtown Chicago near public transportation. It is designed for more experienced players. The second campaign is based on the new D&D v. 5 rules, and it is more geared toward beginners.

Our INTRODUCTORY MEETING at 1:30 pm on SATURDAY, OCT. 20 at Seven Bar and Restaurant at 400 E. Randolph St., Seventh Floor, Chicago, IL 60601 was a great success! DMs Roger Boord and Cody Dillard introduce their respective new campaigns and 10 new prospective players have indicated there interest in both campaigns. This means that both campaigns are currently FULL. However, there may be room for additional player(s) for one or both campaigns in the future. Keep an eye on this space, where any new openings will be announced!

We are STILL LOOKING FOR MORE DMS. If you are interested in hosting your own Pathfinder or D&D campaign, contact Roger at rogerboord@sbcglobal.net (rogerboord @ sbcglobal .net (with no spaces)). Thanks!


As a note, all core rulebooks and other Pathfinder materials can be found in an online format for free (legally), here: http://paizo.com/pathfinderRPG/prd/

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