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EXPANDING RAVES and ELECTRONIC DANCE MUSIC- Make new friends in the scene and keep the circle of PLUR ever expanding! Explore music and your personal creativity, or have an experience of ecstatic oneness with the universe. We may be getting philosophical here, but raves may one day trance-form the planet. raising the energetic frequency of human consciousness.

Enough energy has been generated that we could expand to a higher level. Electronic music creates different effects on the emotional frequencies of everyone involved, creating a unified field of energy. These ripples of energy alter the fabric of reality, ushering in a new paradigm that inspires higher levels of cooperation, freedom, and synergy and makes life the magical adventure it was always meant to be.

When we choose to make it happen!!

3 Essential Objectives:

Expansion: Expand the network of connections through honest and meaningful communication. Spread the EDM society of creativity, movement to more aspects of society. Create more opportunities to bring people together. Spread POSITIVE energy to everyone at street parties, outdoor festivals, underground events, the beach, the park, pretty much everywhere!

Advocacy: Promote the higher values of the culture. Stand-up for our rights! Increase public awareness through dialog, debate, and creative experience. Clarify our principles. Shed light on inaccurate information and work towards enlightened civic policy.

Inter-Regional Collaboration: Travel to new locations outside the city and state to network, exchange memes, and make new friends. Organize events, gatherings, parties, and outdoor festivals that bring the best of the scene together. All are welcome, respected, and everyone has an amazing time.

The principles that form a rave community are not abstract fantasies. They include, but are not limited to: freedom, creativity, innovation, compassion, ecstasy, PEACE, LOVE, UNITY, and REVOLUTION. These concepts are embodied and intensified in electronic music scene and have the potential to radically transform people, and all of society, for the better. There is much more to learn and discover. There are many more friends to make along the way. And this process is never ending!

This group is dedicated to the expansion of positive energy and the higher wisdom that is needed to build a better world. We WILL find and connect with all the right people in order to make our experience on this planet the absolute best for everyone and everything involved~ PLUR

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